Parliament building shooting and soldier killed in Canada

Canada Shooting

On Oct. 22 a soldier was killed by a gunman at a Canadian memorial.  Minutes later the gunman  attacked Canada’s parliament building close by.

The gunman that attacked the Parliament building shot near where Prime Minister Stephen Harper was speaking. The gunman was shot dead and Harper was removed safely. The police were looking for one or possibly two more people who were potential shooters.

According to MSN news, witnesses said that after the gunmen killed one of the soldiers guarding the National War Memorial in Central Ottawa, that he went to attack the parliament building. The Canadian Police could not confirm that day that the shootings were committed by the same shooter. “Public buildings near Parliament, including Ottawa City Hall, the University of Ottawa and primary schools were locked down” Fox news reported.

Oct. 23 the Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleauwas confirmed that the gunman killed was the only perpetrator even thought there were reports of possible multiple shooters. The lawmakers returned to work after this confirmation.

Canadian police announced that the gunman’s name was Michael Zehaf-Bibeau and according to U.S. sources he was born Michael Joseph Hall but changed his name. According to CNN, Canadian officials had confiscated his passport after they had found out he planned to fight overseas.

This was the second killing of a Canadian soldier in a week.  These killings are possibly linked to an Islamic State terrorist group. On October 20, two soldiers were run over by an Islamic convert resulting in one death in Quebec.  The murderer was later shot dead by police. The shooter at the Parliament building was also a convert.

Earlier in October Canada announced that they will be joining the fight against the Islamic State fighters, who have taken over large parts of Syria and Iraq. “Harper said the attack would prompt Canada to redouble its efforts to fight against “terrorist organizations” abroad”, reported MSN news.

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