The Fast-Track to Employment

By Joe McDaniel

Student Contributor

With jobs being scarce in recent years, many turn to sources such as Craigslist to find employment. For some this is a successful venture, but countless others are led adrift. Online scams, “get-rich-quick” programs, and fake job postings may seem enticing, but it is all too common that people fall victim to them and end up either getting their identity stolen or losing money. When a person is in a time of need, those kinds of events can be crippling.  Although there are legitimate employment opportunities that one can find online, they are few and far between, some even inappropriate. “Looking for Models 18+”. As frustrating as it may be searching for a job online or seeking out an internship, there is a resource that can assist you, and it may be closer than you think.

According to a COD staff member, a tool that could help aspiring journalists to find an internship locally is Following a link from the COD Work Experience page I found myself at the website, and after simply creating a profile I was looking at jobs and internships in my field within 15 miles of Palm Desert.  There were no scams, no gimmicks, only true employment opportunities and internships that I wasn’t able to find through other websites. Hope returned to me and I felt compelled to share this, albeit may increase competition for the internship that I want and need (fingers crossed). In a world that is seemingly out to get you, there is an outreached hand not trying to grab your wallet, but instead willing to assist you in finding employment.

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