Logan Brill’s “Shuteye” hits a high note

Logan Brill's Shuteye was released on June 2 (Photo Courtesy of Twitter)
Logan Brill’s Shuteye was released on June 2 (Photo Courtesy of Twitter)

By Crystal Harrell

Country artist Logan Brill released her sophomore album, Shuteye, just in time for the summer season. In contrast to her first record released two years ago, Walking Wires, Brill manifests a bit of a new honkytonk edge to her songs—honing a diversity that differs from her twangy ballads set to the rhythm of an acoustic guitar.

Songs like “Don’t Pick It Up” and the album’s eponymous title track are rife with electric guitar melodies and back-up vocals sure to garner radio airplay. While Brill’s sound has decidedly become more musically mature in sound, there is still a touch of sentimentality present in tracks like “The Bees,” “Where Rainbows Never Die,” and “Tupelo”—all of which hark back to golden country acres and quiet small town nights.

Some standout tracks from Shuteye include the equally catchy and lyrically profound “World Still Round” that details learning the ropes of love, and the somber “Halfway Home,” chronicling the internal struggle to find peace after a failed relationship.

With Brill’s vocals as strong as ever and a keen awareness in her songwriting always present, her new record makes a bold statement easily heard by her audience. Logan Brill’s Shuteye offers listeners a peek at the future of country music, which, by the sound of it, appears to be in good hands.


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