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It’s a new semester at COD and students may have noticed there have been some changes at Beeps Cafe. The cafe has new operators and they have added new food to the menu.The previous operators of Beeps Cafe retired. So COD went looking for a new operator to feed hundreds of hungry COD students every day.

A company from the Bay Area named Pacific Dining heard about the opportunity and won the contract. General Manager, Jonathan McMahon says he does not know much about what the previous owners had on their menu but the current Pacific Dining menu serves a variety of cuisines. “We have a grill and a deli section. We try to mix it up, we go through different groups of culinary options.” McMahon says, “We also do daily specials, four of them during lunch and one during breakfast.”

Although it is the same cafe.  McMahon says they conducted a thorough walk through to see if any changes were required. “I did not like the the line of tape on the floor so we removed it” McMahon says, “it was a little rough at first because students did not know what they were doing, because we didn’t explain it very well , but now it’s going smoothly.”

The new and improved Beeps Cafe has been open for a month and McMahon says that they been receiving a lot of positive feedback. When asked about any negative feedback he says the only complaints that he received were concerning prices.

Barista and cashier, Carolina Gutierrez says, “It’s really fast paced and a lot of positive energy is here. The managers are amazing and I feel very blessed to be working here.”

McMahon says he is always accepting applications.  If you are interested in working at Beeps Cafe don’t be afraid to apply.

“We appreciate feedback, good or bad, and we welcome suggestions concerning new menu items” McMahon adds.

Operation hours of Beeps Cafe are: Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m – 8:30 p.m and Friday’s 7:00 a.m – 2:00 p.m.

“Although the food may cost more, it definitely tastes better.” said Jim Eisenacher

Pacific Dining was founded by Richard McMahon in 1989, in San Jose, Calif. Pacific Dining prides itself on being large enough to compete effectively, yet small enough to give the attention to detail and personalized service all of its clients deserve.

Pacific Dining also does catering for banquets and weddings. According to their website, “Our services range widely all the way from vending and coffee service to corporate and campus dining, with high end banquet services for special events. We are proudly green certified and always looking for new ways to promote sustainability at our locations. All of our locations participate in the Meatless Monday campaign providing unique vegetarian specials to our customers. Pacific Dining makes a sincere effort to purchase all recyclable and compostable disposable products.”

 “Our Mission: To provide the highest quality of food and service to our growing list of unique clients.”

If you’re interested in their services, email Rick at:, or visit their website at:



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