Class Overload

By Marina Padilla


Any student will agree that they try to find an easy and fast way out of College of the Desert, even if that means overwhelming themselves by taking too many classes in a semester. Is this becoming a problem here at campus as students exhaust themselves, or is this a good thing? 

It normally takes two years to get your Associate’s Degree at College of the Desert, but for some other students it can take longer: due to registration dates, crowded classrooms and/or Web Advisor crashing. So, what is a fast way to get out of community college?  Take more classes.

“I’m taking 14 units,  it’s tough, I feel like I have a lot on my plate.” College of the Desert student Matthew Watkins adds,  “Some teachers are not clear on the homework, also all this technology and online homework gets expensive and confusing when teachers use new programs. I feel like if you manage your time  you can do all the homework but it is overwhelming.”

It can also become extremely difficult for the students that have either a part-time or a full-time job, College of the Desert student, Christen Gonzalez says, “In a sense it is, yeah because you come home tired from work, but my work schedule is very flexible and works with me. “

When you’re trying to balance all your classes at once. A common mistake that some students make is that they don’t sit down and create a schedule that puts in the study time that they will need for their courses. Not enough study time leads to dropping out of classes, and dropping out of classes can get you a “W” on your transcript, which might affect acceptance into your desired future dream college.

“A lot of times I see freshmen taking more units than they should since they want to finish faster but I usually don’t advise that at all. They usually don’t realize it until mid semester and by that time its too late to drop the class without a W.” Christen Gonzalez says, “For me I try to focus on getting A’s every semester. So my advice is that they take it at an average pace so that they can get the best grades possible.”

Alumni COD student Jari Stemmer took 19 units his first semester in effort to get ahead. “Overloading classes is only worth it if you have high enough priority where you do not have to worry about missing one class and having to catch it next semester.” Jari Stemmer says, “But this is unrealistic to most students, while taking a lot of classes seems like a good idea but you’ll run into the issue where the classes you need are not offered for the upcoming term.”

A friendly reminder, the last day to drop a class with a grade of “W” is November 20th.

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