Parking madness continues at COD

By Marina Padilla



Finding parking on the COD campus is almost impossible. And it’s not just the students that have a difficult time, faculty are faced with the same problem.

COD has expanded its parking facilities over the past years, but it seems like it’s still not enough. College of the Desert Student Warren Horton says, “It all depends on the time of day when you are looking for a parking space. If classes are letting out  students leave to make parking available.”

You can purchase a parking permit online on COD’s website for 20 dollars. You can also can purchase a parking permit hanger at the Bursar’s counter for a dollar more. The hanger does come with responsibility. According to COD’s website you must ensure that the permit is clearly visible. You should display the sticker on a valid hanger suspended from the rear view mirror with the sticker number facing forward.

The website also lists a few more precautions. If you are not interested in purchasing a parking permit you can get a daily permit for a dollar at any permit dispenser. There is no charge for motorcycles. Motorcycles may park anywhere in any student space or student lot. For more information go to:

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