Music collectors rejoice, an official Discogs app is on the way

By Salvador Rivera

Student Contributor

Music collection and online marketplace website Discogs has announced an official app coming to both Android and iOS by the first quarter of 2016.  This app will put the ability to keep track of and sell your music collection, into the palm of your hands.

discogs_200dpi_RGBDiscogs is a free online service where users can create a log and keep track of CD, vinyl, cassette, and digital music collections they own or want to own. The site is community based and releases are added daily by its members. Discogs also includes a marketplace where the members can buy and sell items from their collections to other members.

The app promises to bring all the features of the website to your mobile device as well as a barcode scanner for an easy way to look up prices as well as add items to your collection.

The app for iOS is currently in beta testing and the team hopes to have the Android version in beta in the near future. Anyone who wishes to beta test for either device can go to and follow the instructions for a chance to join.

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