Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas, right?

wgh headshotBY WARREN HORTON


As one of the older students on campus, I remember growing up and enjoying each annual event.  Times have changed and now it is difficult to distinguish which comes first.

I find it frustrating, as I get older, to see each holiday event get closer and closer only to find stores promoting the events out of order.  So when did Christmas come before Halloween and Thanksgiving?

Several weeks ago I ran down to my favorite DIY store to pick up some cow manure, and there it was.  The Halloween scary figures and props to decorate the front yard. YES !  I could use some of these, but then disappointment set in.  Should I put the props up next to the grandly lit Christmas trees?  Trees with white flocking and singing angels?  Lights to decorate the house?  The new light casts sparkling lights all over your house and trees? WOW!

Back to reality.  It’s not yet Halloween and already store after store has decided to decorate their establishments with products to celebrate the most anticipated event of the year.  Well perhaps for kids, adults are waiting for New Years eve to go out and remove all traces of their memories of the past year with excessive consumption of spirits that would make Capt. Jack Sparrow blush.

I for one look back and remember how fun it was to participate in each of these events one at a time, and not impinge upon an event out of order.  I suspect the stores see the advantage of making a sale before other stores and thus pretty soon, perhaps by July 4, the Christmas trees will be on the shelves.  I hope not.  Until I die I would prefer to remain young at heart and want to enjoy Christmas, when it’s actually Christmas.



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