Thanksgiving vs Black Friday vs Cyber Monday ?



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It’s almost that time of year, no not Halloween, but Thanksgiving, then Black Friday, then Cyber Monday.  Time to take out the money that has been lingering in the bank waiting for the best three days of Christmas shopping.

Can’t decide which day is right?  It may surprise the cunning shopper but depending on what their taste is for gifts, Thanksgiving day may provide the best deal.

One great website is  Some fantastic articles will help in a decision as to what to buy, or even which day may be best in case your time is limited.

According to DealNews, Black Friday is more than just a Friday.  It may last last for up to two weeks, so you won’t have to camp out three months ahead just to find out that your neighbor waited until December 10, to cash in on some great deals while some lost a lot of sleep.

Thanksgiving sales can sometimes start on the Monday prior to Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday may start on Saturday, following Thanksgiving, lasting until Friday following Black Friday, which could be named Cyber Week instead of Cyber Monday.  It may all seem pretty confusing, but there is a trick.

The chart in the upper right corner can give the savvy shopper an edge as to what to buy and when.  Keep in mind that if there is only one day open to go shopping, then take the turkey and give it a pardon and look for your items on Thanksgiving.  According to DealNews and the data collected, “half show a higher concentration of Editor’s Choice deals on Turkey day.”  Some might say that Thanksgiving Day deals are nothing more than early bird Black Friday specials, but keep an eye open for big ticket items.

If being with family and gobbling up a turkey (pardon the pun) is a must, then eat, eat, and eat some more, then later on check for great deals on-line.


(Marcy Bonebright is a features writer for DealNews.)


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