COD hosts annual scholarship ceremony

Student scholarship recipients.  Photo courtesy of Alex Meza-Aguilar.



On Wed. Feb.16 2017, College of the Desert gave students the opportunity to meet their scholarship donors. The event was required for students who received a COD scholarship. It’s purpose was to allow students to know where their financial aid came from.

The ceremony was created to give students a chance to demonstrate their appreciation and gratitude to their scholarship donor(s). Many students got to tell donors about their academic journey in person, while enjoying the refreshments and desserts.

Many of the students got to know the sponsors and why they contributed to the scholarship foundation. The reasons varied from giving back to the community to helping students in a specific major. One of the donors, Gary Hall said, “I’ve been here five years and it’s a very nice event. It’s nice for the donors to see where their money is going and see where they [the students] are going in their lives.”

Student Salvador Rivera demonstrated his gratitude towards the donors by saying, “I’m grateful for COD donors. It’s really been beneficial for me this semester. It’s mind-blowing that someone I don’t even know cares about my future and my success.”

One of the main parts of the event were the speakers. COD student Emmanuel Casillas had the opportunity to get on stage and speak. He spoke about his journey to higher education and how the scholarships he received have impacted his life.



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