President Trump’s first weeks in office



Demonstrators opposed to President Donald Trump’s executive orders. Photo Courtesy of AP Images.

Less than a month of being in office, President Trump is not holding back on his numerous promises he made throughout his campaign.

With public outrage carried into the streets throughout the country, public officials around the world are denouncing the orders made by the President. After signing multiple executive orders and publicly announcing his cabinet nominees, there is much to examine at this time.

On his first day in office, President Trump signed an executive order “Minimizing the Economic Burden of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Pending Repeal,” as stated on the official White House website. According to, in the days that came after, he signed another seven orders ranging from border security and immigration enforcement improvements to enhancing public safety in the interior of the U.S.

According to Laurel Wamsley from National Public Radio (NPR), “Trump signed five executive actions relating to the Keystone XL pipeline, the Dakota Access Pipeline”. This decision has several environmental groups and Native American tribes that inhabit those areas in uproar because construction had been halted by the Former President Barrack Obama’s administration.

Another order that has earned the world’s attention is the enforcement of a travel ban from specific middle-eastern countries. Azadeh Ansari, Nic Robertson and Angela Dewan reported from CNN that “Trump signed an executive order Friday barring citizens from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Sudan from entering the country for 90 days and suspended the admission of all refugees for 120 days.”

After hearing of this, world figures from France, Turkey, Britain and others made their opinion public knowledge, ranging from disgust because of the discrimination to open support for the president. Tensions stateside are getting agitated due to the executive order. Jeremy Diamond and Steve Almasy from CNN wrote that “Protesters converged on at least eight major US airports, demonstrating against the policy, which critics see as a Muslim ban, and other White House actions.” Many are hoping that this does not become a norm for the United States.

According to, the commotion caused by his executive orders, President Trump has only had time to fill six cabinet roles. Those positions are: Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, Nikki Haley as United States representation to the United Nations, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Michael Pompeo. With over 600 positions waiting to be filled in the President’s staff and 29 of those positions are awaiting confirmation, the country waits in anticipation for the next nominee.

Not even a month into his presidency, Donald Trump is creating huge waves in the world. With so much time left, the world is waiting for his next move and how it will affect the U.S. or other countries involved.

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