New game room makes students question



Photo of the game room. Photo courtesy of Meghan Sorenson

A new game room by Beep’s Cafe has opened for all COD students to enjoy. The game room is designed for students to fill the gaps between classes, or during spare time, however, there are some concerns. Some students say it’s not convenient for students.

COD Student and Life Center’s Ryan Fabien said, “You have to bring in your own game console since the game room staff has not provided them yet.” The campus has provided some vintage arcade games for looks and a pool table. Fabien said they have not decided if they want to buy the game consoles in fear the students might damage or break them.

Photo of the game room pool table. Photo courtesy of Meghan Sorenson.

When asked about having to bring their own video game console to the game room, a few students had their own opinions.

“That’s a lot, I would not want to bring my console everyday. Also, I’m sure we were not the only ones who did not know this game room was open or existed” said COD student, Ashley Davis.

Another COD student, Jessica Murillo, had a whole different view when asked the same question, “My English textbook is heavy enough, I would not want to be carrying a console everyday.”

Some students had a lighter approach, Daniel Zepeda added, “If I had the time to bring my console or video games then I guess I would leave the books or my work for another day.”

According to Fabien, many of the students on campus have not even heard of this game room before.

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