Person of the month: Dr. Mzilikazi Koné



Courtesy of Mzilikazi Koné LinkedIn

Associated Students of College of the Desert held a black history month open forum at the HILB. COD Political Science Professor, Mzilikazi Koné, held an open forum about the history of racism.

The presentation elaborated on social views of colored people. Officer of Academic Affairs, Sarah Latimore said, “By organizing events with open dialogue and cultural education, I hope to make a platform for contemplation and growth. With any societal progression, we must emphasize reflection and thought on the past.”

Dr. Koné’s presentation stressed on the importance of how black people matter. She elaborated in part of her speech about racism being an issue in the U.S. Pushing away attention from Black Lives Matter, showcases the struggle that minorities have. Koné stressed on reaching out to the community through involvement.

Dr. Koné is from Pasadena, Calif. She taught at UCLA from 2009 to 2013. Koné has taught The Black Experience in Latin America, Interracial Dynamics in American Society and Culture and The Politics of American Suburbanization. In the Fall of 2012 she served as a Seminar Instructor: On Rethinking Sex Work: Exploring Race, Gender and Romance in Latin America and the Caribbean, The Presidency, Introduction to Comparative Politics and African-American Politics.


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