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Chris Angel Sanchez by birth, KAS by reputation. Born and raised in the Coachella valley, KAS has become well known for his murals and structuralist pieces. He’s produced installations for brands like Rhythm, Wine and Brews Experience, Coachella Music & Arts Festival, National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Foundation and numerous art shows from Palm Springs to Los Angeles.

KAS has been reaching new summits in his career and recently gained the attention of The La Quinta Arts Foundation and is now attending COD’s art program on a full ride art scholarship. 

The Chaparral recently sat down with KAS to find out more about his influences and collegiate path.

“What was your earliest memory of art and your attraction to the culture?”

“I think my earliest memory of art had to be my introduction to graffiti and it’s entire culture. I remember roaming the city of Indio with a streaker in my hand and just hanging out with my friends.” 

In his earlier years, graffiti and aerosol murals were KAS’ main interests. As time passed though, KAS and his style began to refine themselves with the increase of opportunities. Throughout high school, Chris began to expand in his creativity as well as the venues he chose to produce in.  During his sophomore year while attending La Quinta High School in 2007, Chris had the opportunity to curate and produce a mural in La Quinta High School’s newsroom. The mural was hand painted and stre
tches from top to bottom of an entire wall. To this day, the mural still remains untouched. Since then, his productions have grown larger and in lieu of this, his path towards becoming a full-time artist became a reality.

“Where exactly do you draw inspiration from and what new styles are attracting you right now?”

“My current inspirations are more museum based and academically driven. I’m also really into open spaces and light right now.”

Moving from a graffiti background, Chris has been sourcing most of his influence from more structural based art including different types of lighting and shadow play.

His most recent installation for Rhythm Wine and Brews 2017 was three pyramid structures that stacked atop one another to form a 20′ multi dimensional light reflective installation.

Coming off a busy and very successful festival season, Chris is now focusing on refining his productions to be showcased in museums.  

“As far as my end goals, I hope to some day have a residency at a museum. I want to constantly provide content and at the same time to be able to travel and do pop up installations all over the world.”

The limit of imagination and possibility is endless when it comes to turning ideas into reality. KAS has been able do just that throughout the years, he’s turned his visions of structural art into huge pieces seen across the nation.

To support and follow Chris and all of his work be sure to check out his website:

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