The White Party crashes Palm Springs



White Party Palm Springs 2016 (Photo courtesy of Gabriel Goldberg)

The White Party is the biggest festival for gay and bisexual men that is being held this year in Palm Springs at the Convention Center Friday, May 5. According to theĀ Huffington Post, Jeffrey Sanker will be producing this year’s event and plans on bringing all the infamous pool parties back to the hotels, some sexy fashion shows and many more surprises to come. Tickets are being sold from $40-$5,000.

When asked if this event was good for the gay community, COD student, Nasandre Smith replied, “I think it’s a great way for all of us to get together and meet some new people because Palm Springs is kind of small. This brings a lot of the LGBTQ from other places and it’s just nice to meet new people.” He went on to say, “Straight people are just as welcome. You have to brighten your horizons and see what else is out there! You need to know that there are different people out there in the world and we’re all people. It just brings us together and lets us know that this event is no different from anything else.”

COD student Jose Garcia adds his opinion on if these events are good for the gay community by saying, “With everything going on with the world and being gay myself, I think these kind of events might be scary to attend, for anyone really. Gun violence seems to be increasing and with a big event like this, I’d be cautious. Regardless of that idea, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I feel like things with social growth have been going backwards, guys are afraid to come out again because of the hatred spawned from our president so these events are actually great. It gives gays a chance to meet other gays in their area and just let loose.”

“Would I go? No. But regardless of how I feel I don’t see any problem with it. Parties like these exist because we (LGBTQ community) were alienated and discriminated against in the first place. If the gay community hadn’t felt that kind of discrimination, then things like gay clubs, pride weekend, marriage equality and the White Party wouldn’t have needed to even be considered,” COD Student Mathew Tucker adds.

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