Annual student art scholarship exhibition



College of the Desert’s Marks Art Center (MAC) hosted an award exhibition on May 11 for nine students who received scholarships. The scholarships awarded were provided by The Dumont Foundation, as well as Nancy H. Bacon, Ruth Stark and Joyce Norton.

Students eligible for scholarships majored in Art, Architecture, and Digital Design and Production (Graphic Design). The exhibition is open to the public until May 25 and consists of art pieces submitted by students who were awarded the scholarships. Other displays at the exhibition consist of artwork by students from the Palm Springs Unified School District in collaboration with the S.C.R.A.P. Gallery, in an exhibition entitled “Spot On: A Tribute to Yayoi Kusama.”

Some of the students’ artwork is also for sale, thus providing an excellent opportunity to support students while acquiring affordable, original art.

The scholarship recipients this year: Astrid Acero, Kyra Coleman, Anthony Daniels, Melissa Enriquez- Gonzalez, David Gonzalez Silva, Johnie Harrell, Jasmine Osorio, Allen Triplett and Forest Vasquez.

Jasmine Osorio

Jasmine Osorio is a COD student majoring in Studio Art. It’s her last semester at COD. Osorio’s talents started as an accidental hobby. The desert heat compelled her to stay inside when she was younger. When she reached high school she discovered she could create art, sell it and use the opportunity to make it into a career. Osorio’s work is influenced by impressionism. One of her pieces displayed at MAC called Dawn, is heavily inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. “I really like how strong the character Elizabeth is and her relationship with Darcy, it’s not strong, but they work on it.” said Osorio.

Osorio’s advice to other students majoring in Art, “Do not be afraid to talk to your teachers for advice because they know what they are doing and they are here to help.”

Allen Triplett

Allen Triplett first started out painting. He was influenced by Jackson Pollock. His passion evolved into experimental painting influenced by his peers. “I believe art is my truth, my story and my human experience,” said Triplett. He has worked on several art pieces and received feedback from his professors. He has worked hard to become the artist that he is today and continues to grow. Triplett has also learned to apply different types of paint styles. YouTube videos helped him learn new types of art. At the moment, Triplett’s biggest focus on his work is balance. He has sold up to 15 of his paintings at the Indio International Tamale Festival.

“Investing in the right material is crucial,” is a recommendation to other art students from Triplett.

David Gonzalez Silva

David Gonzalez Silva is a Studio Art major. He plans on transferring to UC Davis this fall and major in Entomology, the study of insects. His future work will be influenced by insects, “Our view on them, what people think of them and how they’re so misunderstood,” said Silva. His process of work is trial and error. Printmaking allows him to produce multiple prints, he likes to zoom in and capture these insects. Learning different techniques and using different media helps him shape his art pieces. When he was in middle school he watched the Animal Planet show, “The Most Extreme.” He remembers the insects were always on top and that’s what gave him the spark to pursue this idea that appears on his work today. “My work is a reflection of my passion for art and an obsession with insects,” said Silva.

Kyra Coleman

Kyra Coleman is a Studio Art major she will continue her studies in Art at Arizona State University. She plans on obtaining her bachelor’s degree and then her master’s. “My work is mainly about exploring my love for color and making art in a ‘child-like’ manner.” Classes have helped Coleman learn different types of art such as charcoal, watercolor and ink. She’s also learned how to sculpt different materials that are difficult to form such as wire and cardboard. She started exploring art at a young age and was inspired by her mother. “I picked up this creativity from her,” Coleman said. Her advice to students, “Go for it and don’t be afraid.”



Photos courtesy of Angela Sanchez

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