Why students love to study abroad



There are many college students who want to study abroad. College campuses usually post flyers to inform students of travel and study opportunities around the world. These trips can help students change the way they see the world through  new cultural experiences, meeting new people and experiencing new landscapes. 

So the question is, What is the real reason students want to study abroad? Several COD professors commented on what students enjoy most about their travel experiences.

English Professor, Corbyn Voyu believes, “Students study abroad to learn new cultures and experience living in a foreign nation. They also enjoy living somewhere different from their home or birth nation. Some students love making new friends and travel just to enjoy life.”

“Students also want to travel the world and it can change a person for the better. Students can learn that many people are different, learn new languages and make new friends,” said Communication Professor, Alex Jazan. 

Studying abroad can be the best opportunity for students to better understand diversity throughout the word and appreciate different cultural experiences. Studying abroad can also be a good activity to add to a resume if a person wants to work in hospitality, at a travel agency, or with the airlines.  

COD student and Active Minds Club President, Jorge Rivera Jr. studied in Argentina for 4 months. He said he loved it and would do it again. “I recommend studying abroad,” said Rivera.

Many educators at COD believe that students go on these trips because it is a new eye opening experience. It helps them become more responsible. Students are away from home, away from friends and on their own with more responsibility. Students are forced to learn a new culture, new customs and maybe try to speak a new language. It can be a life changing experience that many students don’t pass up.”

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