Cancer awareness month: COD helps student survivors

Breast cancer awareness ribbon.

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Cancer. The dreaded word nobody wants to ever hear. September is cancer awareness month and there many types of cancer that this month raises awareness for. According to the month of September is a chance to focus on children’s cancer, gynecologic cancer, hodgkin’s lymphoma, leukemia, lymphoma, ovarian, thyroid, and prostate cancer.

Every year cancer people dies from this terrible disease. According to, “each year 72,000 adolescents and young adults ages between 15 and 39 are diagnosed with cancer.” That’s one person every eight minutes. “Ten thousand young adults die annually from cancer”. That’s one person every hour.

As college students face the daily challenges of a full work load, we don’t realize there are college students that face the challenges of a normal student life and have a life threatening disease they have to worry about also. Not only do they have to worry about the financial side of paying for school but also paying for everything that comes with this diagnosis.

For students that are survivors, College of the Desert offers a scholarship called, “ACS California Young Cancer Survivor Scholarship Program.” COD has a link to the scholarship on the college website main page.

Each type of cancer that is being noticed this month has a ribbon to go with it. Children’s cancer has a gold ribbon. Gynecologic cancer has a peach colored ribbon. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma has a violet ribbon. Leukemia has an orange ribbon. Lymphoma has a lime green ribbon. Ovarian cancer has a teal ribbon. Thyroid cancer has teal, pink, and blue ribbons. Prostate cancer has a light blue ribbon.

There are local clinics that are designed to help people and loved ones that are going through cancer. Get involved and spread the word about cancer awareness.

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