COD Men’s Basketball Fall 2017

COD’s men’s basketball team 2017

By David Babao 

Opinion Editor

If you’re a student at College of the Desert who loves basketball you might consider trying out for COD’s men’s basketball team. The COD team is earning and receiving good benefits for playing more games with other univeristy basketball teams and sometimes players receive scholarships to play basketball. In addition, playing basketball can offer you benefits, but can also set new records for the campus athletics and for the COD team.

This summer, Kenny Lewis who is COD’s basketball sophomore guard has signed a letter of intent with La Sierra University. Kenny started playing 25 of 26 games during the 2016-2017 school year. Kenny Lewis has earned a season high of 17 points twice on the season, both games were on the road and earned a season high total boards at home versus Mt. San Jacinto on Jan. 25. At the end of the 2016-2017 season COD’s men’s basketball earned a record of 4-22 overall and 1-9  in conference, finishing sixth.

Joining COD’s men’s basketball would be a good opportunity to set new records for yourself, make new friends, be part of a team or activity and support your campus. There are male students at COD who just go to school and work for a living. However, there are male students who have a lot of extra time between class and work. If those students have nothing to do on those extra times they should consider basketball. Students who want to join COD’s men’s basketball would join to earn univeristy scholarships to maybe play for four year basketball teams like the UCLA Bruins or the USC Trojans. Another benefit would be the opportunity to play for the National Basketball Association and maybe join the LA Lakers or the San Francisco warriors. Dream big!

If you want to learn more about COD’s men’s basketball visit COD men’s basketball schedule/results at or talk with the basketball coaches, Henry Viveros and Ken Simonds.

College of the Desert will really encourgae you to join the men’s basketball team for students to be more activated.  Please look into joining the team for the Road Runners.

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