College of the Desert gains director as new instructor

Vincent Sassone with a student. Photo courtesy of Alejandro Meza Aguilar



College of the Desert has a new instructor to teach film industry based classes. Vincent Sassone is a director turned college instructor who will teach new classes for the basis of College of the Desert’s new film program. Vincent Sassone is teaching a Screen Writing Class, Beginning Motion Picture Production, and Intro to Film.

Vincent Sassone has directed “A Tale of Two Pizzas”, “If You’re Gonna Build a House: Community by Architecture”, “Italian Lessons”, “Tightrope”, “String Theory”, “I Was a Creature from Outer Space”, and several incoming documentaries. His teaching methods are applied into the real world applications of what film can do and how students can eventually get a career in the film industry.

His new Beginning Motion Picture Production class started off with the use of new film equipment to suffice for the realistic film industry standard of film. Students are given a new avenue to get a certificate for the new film program or to transfer to a four year institution with the intention of continuing in film.The new classes will take place in the Palm Desert campus and some will likely take place in the Camelot Theater in Palm Springs. Currently there is still an opening for a Screen Writing Class that will begin in September 25th. The class will focus on creating screenplays for film and will take place in the Palm Desert campus in the Diesel Mechanics building, DM, room 22 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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