New smartphones available fall 2017



New Samsung smartphones. Photo courtesy of AP Images

With the beginning of the fall season we are seeing the release of various high-end smartphones, with new ones announced and others yet to be unveiled.

This fall marks the return of the Samsung Galaxy Note, who’s predecessor was plagued with problems what were related to its battery. These battery failures could cause the phone to ignite, which prompted Samsung to issue a massive recall of all Note 7s. This year  Samsung assures new measures have taken place to prevent battery failures.

The new Note 8 has much more power than the previous Note, and it features a new curved display that measures 6.3 inches. The screens resolution is at a very high 1440p. The Note 8 is unique in that it uses a stylus to provide more ways to use the phone. It can be used for features such as taking notes while the screen is off, and using it to handwrite messages instead of typing them.  The battery has been reported to last up to 16 hours. The Note 8 has dual screens and a new iris scanner technology used to unlock the phone. Release date is Sept. 15.

The Notes rival is the newly announced iPhone. This year there are three new iPhone models, the iPhone 8, the 8 plus and the flagship the iPhone X. The iPhone 8 will now feature argument reality compatibility and will now have wireless charging. The iPhone X differs in that the phone lacks a physical button, it is now entirely screen. It almost has no bezels, with an 82% screen to body ratio.  It has a new OLED technology making screens, brighter, thinner and sharper. It also has dual cameras and an all glass design. It’s expected to go on sale on Oct. 27.

While these phones are powerful and feature packed, they will carry a hefty price tag. Prices for the Galaxy Note 8 range from $930 depending on carrier. The next iPhone starts at $699 with the flagship iPhone X starting at $999.

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