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Smartwatches can reassemble a normal watches

By Oscar Navarrete

Technology Editor

During Apples keynote event in September, Apple CEO, Tim Cook announced that the Apple Watch was the number one watch sold globally. This means the Apple Watch outsells both “dumb” watches and other smartwatches.

Smartwatches are not new, they have been around longer than smartphones. The first smartwatches began to appear in the late 90s, and they were very limited with what they could do. They could however communicate with a PC to allow the transfer of contacts and appointments. Some models could even play simple games. Others were more advanced and even featured cellular connectivity.

Around 2010, smartwatches had a revival with more features and capabilities. One of the earliest smartwatches was the Pebble. It was inexpensive, able to run many apps and it communicated with a smartphone via bluetooth.

Today smartwatches act as a second screen for one’s phone. Since phones are becoming larger, they are more difficult to handle around, that’s where smartwatches come in. Connecting via bluetooth, they are able to revive calls, display text message notifications and they can run various types of apps and some can even be customized by changing the watch face and band.

Other types of smartwatches are aimed more for the fitness markets, being able to monitor the amount of steps one takes, the amount of calories one burns and they are able to monitor heart rate among other bodily functions. Smartwatches can also be used separately from smartphones, allowing for the use of music through bluetooth headphones. Some models of smartwatches also have mobile internet. Since they are watches, they can, of course tell time.

Currently smartwatches are in their infancy. Generally smartwatches are aimed for markets involved with fitness, and many watches are marketed to compliment their larger phones counterparts. Essentially it will all depend on ones needs, a regular watch will do its basic function without needing to be charged overnight

Not all smartwatches are the same and the same can be said for their prices. Like smartphones, they can be expensive. The cheapest smartwatches start at around 60 dollars, and the most expensive can go up to the thosuands.

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