Faculty and staff hold North Korea forum

Students and staff at the North Korea Forum in the Cravens center


Renee Buckley

Front Page Editor

With the Trump administration and North Korea going head to head on foreign issues, and folks fearing a military conflict, COD took to a forum on Nov. 14. With 45 students in attendance, speakers,  Oceana Collins, Tony Clerc, and Catherine Levitt, as well as moderator, Sara Butler, took to the stage to discuss North Korea’s rise and what to do now that we are in this position.

Professor Collins, took on the roll of discussing North Korean history, the Korean war, and the dangers that are happening within Kim Jong Un’s administration. With the government now being heavily based on the Soviet Unions structure, meaning heavy reliance on its own people as well as its own natural resources, which ends up leading to a socialist dictatorship. Yet, with threats of nuclear war coming from Un, its taken on a huge role in American life as well.

Clerc then went on to discuss military tactics and strategies of the North Koreans, as well as the aftermath of what would happen if we got into a conflict with the dictatorship. It is important to look at the consequences of what could happen if either side pushed too hard, what could happen to either nations,  and the fallout it would cause around the world. It is especially important to look at the behavior of both leaders and see realize what they are doing in both a global and nationalistic sense.

On top of that Levitt discussed the North Korean economy in comparison to others around it as well as compared to the American economy, showing its economic grasp compared to others. In war times economics are scrutinized harshly, because it is in direct comparison to how they are fighting on the ground, because economic stature is directly related to power.

The current escalation between the United States and North Korea has grown exponentially in a short period of time and has started to reflect the Cold War on a smaller scale, though it is rapidly speeding up to it. The forum helped to discuss what to do in time to help de-escalate the situation as well as deal with it day by day and not be crippled by fear. On top of the American escalation, there is still the major conflict between North and South Korea, and a fight for peace in the Korean Peninsula.



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