Mysterious bugs invade cars and pools

Water Boatmen bug hanging on a car. Photo courtesy of The Chaparral




Mysterious bugs are making their way all over the Coachella Valley, flying onto cars and into pools. According to KESQ’s source, Craig Conaway, the owner of Coachella Valley Pest Control, it is believed that these bugs are coming from the Salton Sea.

Water Boatmen, scientifically known as Corxids, have been seen in numerous amounts on resident’s parked cars as well as their swimming pools. They fly onto cars and seem to just die, but in reality they turn over multiple times and just stay on the car alive. Then stay standing there until the car is driven away or another force moves them. When they land in a pool they swim to the bottom or onto an object in the water and just stay settled on it unless otherwise moved.

Conaway also said how the bugs do not bite or will harm us. As for now they are here to stay, nobody seems to know when they will leave or even what brought them here.

College of the Desert student, Daisy Valle-Reyes, explains how she was confused when she first saw them because she had never seen them before. She states, “When I first saw them I kept wondering ‘Why are they just landing and dying’?”. She feels the bugs are “weird” but haven’t impacted her everyday life enough to say they are a real issue.

According to KESQ, local pool companies cannot seem to kill off the bugs with the common pool cleaning chemicals. Conaway’s belief is that they will eventually just die off. There has not been any signs of getting rid of them effectively. It is also believed they eat each other which means as long as they are around and dying the others will have a source of food.

The Water Boatmen bugs have six legs and two of those are stretched out to the sides like oars, which help them to swim and dive. They take a bubble of air into the water with them because they cannot breathe under water.

Because the winter is approaching, people are less likely to go swimming this time of the year. As a result, the bugs are less of a bother now but it is unknown whether they will be here until the weather is warm enough to start swimming again.

For now residents can keep cars fully closed or under a roof if felt necessary. As for pools, they can be covered if possible if not then the residents can wait it out or try their own remedies. Although KESQ reported some pool companies have warned against using Clorox or oils.


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