Robots in disguise…as Christmas Decorations?

Robolights Christmas decorations made out of donated trash and junk

Photo Courtesy of the Chaparral



Robolights is a tradition that has been apart of the Palm Springs and Coachella Valley community for over 35 years. Kenny Irwin Jr. has been building this impressive Christmas piece since he was 12 years old. Irwin Jr. builds these unique pieces of art from trash and junk that is donated to him or through things that are bought online, spending an average of 10-12 hours on the piece itself 350 days a year.

The exhibit itself is ever changing and has grown in size and detail every year since it’s been around. People from all over are able to come look at this amazing work for free and there are plenty of opportunities for photo ops. The artist incorporated many chairs, couches and even toilets into the artwork around the exhibit where many stop to take a photo for the gram and to capture the strange yet exciting detail of his work.

The display of lights is actually in the center of The Movie Colony, a neighborhood once home to numerous Hollywood stars and is set up on his father’s, Irwin Sr., property. The home itself seems like every neat and tidy home within the neighborhood, once you look past the millions of twinkling lights and robots made from everything you could possibly think of. The exhibit itself seems to take up majority of the property, only a few places seemed to be bare of any kind of decoration.(probably for maintenance purposes.)

The exhibit itself runs from Nov. 22nd 2017 to Jan. 8 2018 4:00-9:30p.m. every single day, including holidays and rainy days and is open to the public but be aware that you cannot park anywhere in the Movie Colony neighborhood and that you will have to park on one of the main roads. The exhibit is free but donations are encouraged and appreciated.

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