Christmas brings happiness to many

Just looking at decorations brings the Christmas cheer!

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It’s that time of year again. It’s the time where fall semester is ending, students are looking forward to winter break and everyone is getting ready for Christmas. Christmas brings happiness, family and friends together. It’s the season that gives us blessings and joy.

COD student Virginia Santillanes says, “I feel like christmas is a time to show love for one another. It breaks the bearer of division and some individuals give humbleness and participate in charity to help the unfortunate and the homeless feel dry blessed and loved.”

Christmas season is also a time to take a break from productivity and stressful daily living activities. Tutoring Academic Skills Center (TASC) supervisor Tanya Bogarin says, “When I think of Christmas, it’s my favorite time of the year. I feel that people are kinder and more willing to donate and serve others during the Christmas season. However, it’s also exciting to be with my family this season and to make and share memories.”

This season is the time were you should appreciate someone that has supported and provided for you. COD student Diego Valdez says, “You can see it’s not expensive gifts or treasures that value more. It’s what a person gives by how much they know you and how much you have done for them.” Christmas is not about the gifts you get, but it’s also about giving presents people who know you are that done a lot to support and provide for you and to know how much you appreciate them.”

Best of all, Christmas is a time we spend with our loved ones. Communications Professor Carol Christman says, “Christmas to me is taking time with family because it’s the only time where we get to spend time with each other and take the day off this special day in the season which happens every 365 days a year.” Christmas is the time where we get a break from daily responsibilities spend time with the family, friends, people that supported you and people that you look up to.

Christmas is the season where everyone spends time with each other. However, there are people that are unfortunate and  are homeless that have no one to spend time with or anywhere to be at. Christmas should be the more then opening presents and spending time with loved ones. It’s also a time where we should welcome the unfortunate in our comfort zones and welcome them to join Christmas with our family and friends and give them gifts that would really appreciate them.

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