Make DIY decorations on a budget



Christmas is practically here, yes, it’s that special time of year again when you and your wallet go hungry from spending gifts on you, your friends and family and perhaps even a few decorations to make the home a little more cheery. Why spend money on decorations when you can just make them yourself? Sure, it cost a little bit of money to get the stuff for creating the decorations but you’ll spend a lot less and get more bang for your buck!

Pineapple Christmas Tree 

This trend began around the same time last year and has stuck around pretty well. People from everywhere are giving their Christmas a tropical feel this year and instead of spending money on a tree, you can just stop by the grocery store and pick up a fresh pineapple. This decoration is simple and great for a dorm or apartment setting. Simply head to the store, get your pineapple and head home. Use any decorations you wish (though it is recommended that you do not use glass ornaments for the pineapples) and be creative!

Candy Cane Wreath

Supplies Used:

Candy Canes
Curling Ribbon
Glue Dots
Scallop Circle Framelits
Big Shot
Scoring Board

Start by pairing the candy canes together and tying them with the curling ribbon. Use a total of 20 candy canes and made 10 bundles of two.The centerpiece of the wreath is what holds all of the candy canes in place. The base of the centerpiece is a large white scallop circle from white cardstock.Use several glue dots to the end of each candy cane to secure to the Scallop Circle.Turn the wreath over and place a second scallop circle on the other side of the wreath. This will help stabilize and distribute the weight of the candy canes a bit better.To create the lollie for the centerpiece, cut strips of different yet coordinating papers. For the bottom lollie, cut 2 strips of paper that measures 5.5 x 2.5-inches and score every 1/4-inch. For the second layer lollie, cut 1 strip of paper that measures 7 x 1.5-inches and score every 1/4-inch.Fold the strips of paper accordion style and connect the ends with glue.flatten your strip of accordion folded paper, and hold together with a glob of hot glue. Then layer the lollies together. Top off with a smaller circle to hide the center of the lollies.


Christmas Tree Mason Jars


Mason jars transformed into beautifully simplistic Christmas centerpieces / Photo courtesy of Pinterest



Quarts(Pints & Quarts)

Red Chalky Paint & Green Chalky Paint

Painter’s Tape

Christmas Tree Stencil (you can download here)


Paint Brush

Epsom Salt & Epsom Salt

White Jingle Bells

Baker’s Twine

Overlap three pieces of painter’s tape on the bottom side of the mason jar box. Make sure edges are sealed tight. This will be the base to make your faux vinyl Christmas tree sticker.printed out my Christmas tree and cut it out. I traced the shape onto the painter’s tape. You can download and print your own Christmas tree cutout by clicking here. Cut out the Christmas tree shape, and apply it to the smooth sided glass. Do about two coats of chalky paint. The great thing about this paint is it dries quickly. You can also use acrylic craft paint but the finish will be streakier – especially once you add the candle. Add Epsom salt and tea lights. And enjoy!


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