Student showcase their artwork at MAC



Student’s art pieces at MAC

Photo Courtesy of the Chaparral

College of the Desert’s Walter N. Marks Art Center (MAC) hosted the COD Student Exhibition that ran from  Nov. 13 to Dec. 7.

The exhibition had student’s art presented and open to the public. It was also free to attend the exhibit. The art ranged from paintings to sculptures and so on. Some of the art was made to sell and could be bought from a $35-$400 price range that was given by the artist.

According to Andrea Calderon, the MAC art gallery assistant, the exhibition’s purpose was “to showcase the students’ talent.” It was a way to let students art be made public and gain some recognition locally.

Students that were enrolled in art classes for the fall semester had the opportunity to submit their art and were previously notified by their professors months before the exhibition opened. This gave students time to compose art specifically for the exhibition. The number of art pieces that could be submitted correlate with the number of art classes a student had.

MAC Gallery Director, Dr. Lisa Soccio, was in charge of the exhibition. The center holds many exhibitions throughout the year. MAC is open Monday thru Thursday by appointment from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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