Synergy Music and Arts Festival brings more entertainment to the valley



Photo courtesy of The Chaparral. Reggae band “Higher Heights” perform their song “Searching.”

The Coachella Valley is a well-known area throughout the world. One of the most famous music festivals is held here including Stagecoach, Desert Trip and especially the Coachella Music & Arts Festival, which is the talk when it comes near the months of April. But with another local festival in the shadows, could the Coachella Valley breakout even more events?

Another festival that includes a diverse lineup, food vendors, merchandise, carnival games and local artists all showcasing each of their talents and art is the Synergy Music & Arts Festival.

Synergy Music & Arts Festival is a festival based in eastern Coachella Valley. When many young great minds came together in 2007, they created a foundation just for their organization “Culturas Music & Arts.” The startup of Synergy in 2007, would soon later have a great impact on the Coachella Valley and have an impact on the people behind-the-scenes of the entire festival.

When Synergy first came to be, it started with just a few local artists showcasing their talents. Talents such as artwork from locally proclaimed artists, musicians and even DJ’s who showcase a variety of music including artists such as Cole, AWKWARD, Anue and Avok.

The festival to this day continues on every second weekend of November. Today the festival now hosts music on two stages with 25 to 30 acts during each day of the festival. The acts range from a variety of genres including bands, solo acts and DJ’s.

Program coordinator and executive producer for Culturas Music & Arts, Gabriela Armenta stated, “[Synergy], it has grown. The first year began with a few local visual artists showcasing their talents, with musicians and DJ’s. Today Synergy has turned into a multicultural one-day music and arts festival,” said Armenta.

The event now has over 15  live art installations, food and merchandise vendors, collaborations with different nonprofit organizations and for-profit organizations. With every bit of helping since the beginning, this is what the festival has become now. At the event, there were many freelance vendors, most especially “Balloon Boss,” a business that specializes in customizing and creating outstanding balloon art and sculptures.

The pace for the festival doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Armenta stated,”[we] can look forward to more of Synergy. Our planning starts as early as mid-January. The City of Coachella has been gracious to let us keep our usual weekend which is the second weekend of November,” said Armenta.

Synergy is a free festival to attend located at Dateland Park 51805 LN, Coachella. Always on the second weekend of November. Make sure to save that address for the next festival

“Culturas/Synergy has prided itself in setting a platform for all local artists and all arts. Whether they are musicians, photographers, visual artists and traditional arts. We always invite the entire Coachella Valley to take part in the event,” said Armenta.


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