Women’s soccer wins silver in Team Ethics Award of Merit



COD women’s soccer team. Photo courtesy of COD Athletics.

The 2018 soccer season is over, and this has proven to be the best season so far for the women’s team. The Roadrunners ended with a 9-8-3 overall record and had the most wins this season since 1999. The team achieved their first win against Miramar (1-0) and Palomar (2-1), since the beginning of the program.

Another reason for celebration came as head coach Garrett Estrin and his team were awarded the Team of Ethics Award of Merit By the Ethics Committee of the United Soccer Association of America. The United Soccer Coaches Association offers many different awards across the country and is the biggest provider of services to members on the different levels of the game.

According to the United Soccer Coaches Association, it provides programs and services that “enhance, encourage and contribute to the development and recognition of soccer coaches, their players, and the game we love,” stated on their website.

“It was awarded by the United States Soccer Association which is National Coaches Association [and] is known throughout soccer communities. They award men and women, junior college, all levels of colleges. This is an award that is given throughout the country to the teams that meet the pre-requisites,” said coach Estrin.

Of the 4 categories for the ethics award that include platinum, gold, silver and bronze, coach Estrin and his team was ranked, silver. They were awarded having zero red cards during the season and showing good sportsmanship during their games.

The Roadrunners finished the 2018 season strong with many victories after having one of their most difficult seasons just a year prior. In their last game of 2017, and after only 4 victories during the season, the team received 2 red cards. “We actually got the first red card that my team has ever gotten here at COD. In the final couple of minutes of a gam,e we got into a fight. We took that negative and turned it into a positive this year,” said coach Estrin.

“As bad as it was, it had a really good effect on us because we learned from it and we used that as an example of growing from it and to not really do it again because we realized the impact it had on us,” said Sophomore Forward, Reanna Rivera.

Rivera wants to have a significant impact on the field during the new season and hopes to receive the Ethics award again. “Hopefully we can get gold, not settle again and go a little further,” said Rivera. This is Rivera’s last year at COD and plans to keep playing when she transfers.

Coach Estrin and his team have turned their tough 2017 into many new accomplishments in 2018. “This is an accomplishment for the girls. We want to try to do better next year than we were the season before,” said coach Estrin.

Coach Estrin was also named Coach of the Year by PCAC-North. He also marked his 4th season as head coach of the women’s soccer team as well as ranked #2 in his 19 all-time wins.

“Garret is pretty honest about being good [sportsmen]. [Whenever] there was an incident, Garret was very quick to get it under control, and he took me out right away and calmed me down,” said Rivera.




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