A look back on Coachella 2019



Photo courtesy of The Chaparral. The Coachella grounds in Indio.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2019 was held on the weekends of April 12-14 and April 19- 21. This year’s featured headliners were Childish Gambino (Friday), Tame Impala (Saturday) and Ariana Grande (Sunday).

Photo courtesy of The Chaparral. “Escape Velocity” from Coachella 2014 made an appearance this year.

Coachella started in 1999 but due to there being no Coachella music event in 2000, marks the 19th year of the festival. Over the years, Coachella has grown to become one of the most popular music festivals in the world. The Chaparral talked to a few festival goers this year to find what they enjoyed most about this year’s Coachella and their thoughts about the event overall.

“It’s all about the new music and discovery,” said festival goer Christina Bernal. Coachella 2019 featured a large variety of music from pop icon Ariana Grande to South Korean Metal band Jambinai. Coachella has something for any music lover, including many genres and artists over the entirety of the weekend. Answers between festival goers varied in who they were excited for during the day, but the evening excitement all pointed towards the weekend’s headliners.

“Tame Impala, I’ve been here a few times and I really like live music over DJ’s,” said festival goer Sean Edwards. If festival-goers weren’t excited about the evening’s headliners, live DJ’s were scheduled to play sets at the same time, allowing the festival goers to have choices on where to go rather than just listen to the headliners or leave; however, a large amount of excitement was held for live music at the festival.

“The art installations that are set around the festival is definitely something I really enjoy and appreciate. It adds such enjoyment and personality into the festival to makes it its own niché,” said 5th-time festival goer Juan Rodriguez. Coachella’s art pieces have become a staple to the iconography of the event, and this year was no different. Coachella featured seven art installations this year including two returning pieces, The Spectra spiral staircase presented by Newsubstance from 2018, and a refurbished version of the moving astronaut from 2014 titled Overview Effect presented by Poetic Kinetics.

“Antarctica, that thing was sick,” said festival goer Raven Castro. HP software returned again this year with their interior music light show, Antarctica. HP also had a FlowWater refill station as an alternative to the normal water refill stations that frequently had long waits much to the dismay of the festival goers. The catch to this alternative water refill station; however, was that it took a few minutes to start up again after water flow stopped.

Festival goer Charles Silva talked about being excited for the food, especially the pizza due to it being cheaper. The Indio Central Market made a return this year which, despite its name, featured restaurants “ from LA to NYC,” according to Coachella’s website. There were a large number of vegan options such as the Mexican restaurant, Vegatinos, giving many options for almost every kind of diet.

“You can only get good beer in one place,” said festival goer Jim Turek. Other than the Craft Beer Garden, Heineken was the main provider of alcohol at the event, who also had a venue set to accompany their main selling area at the festival.

The three-day festival can become miserable for festival goers who are not prepared. Although the festival sells essentials at the event it’s a good idea to bring your own if you want to save some cash for merchandise or food. Sunscreen, phone chargers, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer are just a few of the frequently appearing things on website checklists to bring to the event to be prepared. “It’s fun, it’s tiring but it’s always a good time but you have to be prepared, there’s nothing like it in the world.” said festival goer Christina Bernal.

To learn more about Coachella go to https://www.coachella.com/home.

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