Students tell The Chaparral their plans after graduation



Photos courtesy of The Chaparral.

The semester is winding down and graduation is around the corner. Some students plan on transferring t0 a four-year college while others plan on staying in the Coachella Valley. Here’s what some students are planning after graduation.

Elizabeth Pimental- Criminal justice major

“After graduation, I’m going to wait a whole year to go to school. I plan on working and saving money for when I transfer. I want to transfer to Cal State San Bernadino” Elizabeth plans on becoming a social worker or working in criminal law.  

Maria Garcia- English major

“I’m taking this summer just to work and then I will attend UCR in the fall, I’ll hopefully graduate with a B.A. in English and have my teaching credentials.” Maria is planning on becoming an English teacher in the near future.   

Xitlaly Ruiz- Communication major

“After I graduate from COD I’ll be attending Cal State Dominguez Hills in the fall to receive my B.A. in broadcast journalism while hopefully landing a job as a reporter or host in the Los Angeles industry since I have already previously worked as a reporter for Univision here in the valley and have some experience.


Abraham Cervantes- Psychology major

“I’m planning on to attend Cal State San Bernadino in the fall, where I will work to get my B.A .in psychology. I’m going to try to balance that along while trying to get a full-time job with one of the districts.



Rosa Garcia  – Journalism major

“I’m taking a year off of school to work as a caregiver. By the spring of 2020, I will apply to Domingez Hills so that I can get my B.A. in journalism but in the meantime, I plan on staying in the valley to save money for school. I’m currently applying to different internships at local news stations and stations in Los Angeles.” Rosa has already applied to intern for the Dodgers as a social media reporter.          

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