Coachella scheduled during the holiday season


The Chapparal

Courtesy of the Chaparral: “Escaped Velocity” at Coachella 2019

Alexis Carranza, Staff Reporter

Grab your flower crown and pumpkin spice lattes, Coachella Fest is joining the holiday season. Like most concerts and festivals around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has led Goldenvoice to postpone Coachella.

Pushing it back from the first two weeks in April to the first two weeks of October later this year.

Goldenvoice is doing their due diligence by putting the health of their customers first before business demands. Even though some fans were willing to put their lives at risk to attend the music festival.

Some festival-goers and fans claimed that their lives will be complete after seeing Frank Ocean at Coachella, who was supposed to headline Sunday night and could die in peace if they caught the coronavirus, after seeing Ocean.

At first, many music fans were upset and turned off to the idea of having Coachella in the fall, but this could be a whole different experience and possibly a better one.

YouTube influencer James Charles tweeted, “Ok wait Coachella in October, could really be a vibe tho… cute outfits with jackets and pants? No sweating? Enjoying good music in the fall breeze? I’m in.”

But James Charles and many Coachella goers will be in for a warm surprise. Fall in the Coachella Valley starts very warm and does not cool down until mid-November.

The weather in the Coachella Valley during April ranges in the low 80°s during the day and low 60°s in the night. The month of October festival-goers will be greeted by temperatures in the low 90°s and nights in the mid-60°s.

The warmer weather in fall comes with a benefit.

The windy season in the valley is from April to June. Coachella is notorious for being windy, with gusts of wind blowing dust and smoke to your lungs. This eventually leads to the days following Coachella to be filled with coughing, sneezing and have a sore throat. This post Coachella recovery phase is unofficially known as the “Coachella flu.”

In the month of October we typically do not worry about it, you could now enjoy the festival without having to cover your face with a bandanna or face mask.

And during fall Halloween is all anyone can think about, is known as “spooky season.” On twitter, some have tweeted with excitement calling the festival “Chella-ween” with the festival now falling near Halloween. Some have even mentioned wearing Halloween costumes to the Coachella.

Coachella goers have taken to Reddit a popular online forum with ideas of ‘Trunk or treat in car camping” an idea where campers can trick-or-treat from trunk to trunk in the car camping lot.

Coachella is already known as a fashion mecca, imagine it with a spooky twist.

Fashionistas will be able to accessorize their flower crows with a skull painted face. EDM lovers who already wear steampunk goggles can now wear the full steampunk attire.

In light of recent COVID-19 fear, Coachella 2020 will be a different experience, but none the less something great to look forward to.