KCOD brings home more national awards


Photo courtesy of The Chaparral. KCOD staff at the Intercollegiate Broadcasting Systems award ceremony in New York.

Estefania Moreira, Staff Reporter

With over 3,500 submissions from all over the country, KCOD radio station was nominated as one of the best college radio stations in the United States. There were three top finalists and KCOD was one of them.

The KCOD team including students and faculty left on March 3 for the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Conference and Awards Ceremony in New York City, NY.

On March 8, the team came back home knowing their hard work was recognized and this honor is something they will never forget. This was an enjoyable adventure to the Big Apple and an enriching experience for the staff.

Assistant Media Production Professor Laurilie Jackson said, “It was a unique opportunity to be in a room with professionals in New York and from all over the country who are in the broadcasting industry. To be able to learn from them and communicate with them was very exciting. I am very proud.”

Jackson was nominated for the Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award and obtained the Nationalist Finalist Trophy.

“To be nominated and having this recognition was exciting,” said Jackson.

The station did not win the first place trophy for Best Community College Radio Station in the Nation this year but received other awards. KCOD’s Edgar Barajas won first place for Best Use of Video in the Radio Studio award.

The award is for the most creative video in a radio station.

Barajas specializes in video work, which started in the fall of 2019. His eight-year film background helped him create a show called acoustic sessions. Barajas with fellow student Michelle Valdez created the Courtney Chamber’s documentary, which led him to interview and filming performances.

“I didn’t know what winning meant because I didn’t know that much about the award ceremony until the host was telling everyone in the attendance how we are in the top 5%. Knowing this, made winning so much more meaningful. Funny story I didn’t submit my work, all credit for my win goes to professor Toni Bakal cause she submitted it for me,” said Bajas, “I like how we all got to go together and root each other on hoping we’d all win our respective submitted categories.”

Alexandria Rosales KCOD’s radio manager said, “I enjoyed it when the KCOD team was at the awards night and how we all encouraged each other. We all rubbed Rodney (our station’s roadrunner stuffed animal) for luck, and we all jumped up and screamed when Edgar won his award.”

The team got the chance to sight-see the city, attend some shows and be part of something meaningful: their works and efforts being recognized across the country.

KCOD came out as a finalist in Best Event Promo, Best Faculty Adviser and Best Community College Radio Station in the Nation.

Many colleges, high schools and universities came to the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Conference. Other community colleges like Cerritos College and Nassau College were among the attendees nominated.

Palomar College won first place for Best Community College Radio Station in the Nation.

Rosales, who helps decide whose work should be submitted for The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Conference, said, “I decide who I feel deserves to be nominated with the work they do on their show throughout the year. I then go in and cut down many shows that could be 30 min to an hour weekly shows, into 2 to 5 minutes reels for the judges to listen to and decide whether they are nominated.”

After coming back and having their hard being recognized the KCOD team and faculty are motivated to keep creating fun, unique and high-quality content.

Jackson said, “This experience motivates us to work harder for next year’s awards. This is the third time we have been nominated and landed on the top three. This is a great eye-opener for us to see what we can improve, what other school stations do, and how to make our product even better.”

“Future plans are really centered on our music library and freshening it up every chance we get. I am confident that KCOD will take home the Best Community College Radio Station in the Nation award next year with our awesome new system ENCO and our fresh new shows and music,” said Rosales.

To listen to KCOD and its show tune in at 99.9 FM, visit kcodcoachellafm.com or download the KCOD app on your smartphone.