What students are doing to pass the time in quarantine


Photo Courtesy of Keana Sempek

Keana Sempek, Staff Reporter

With quarantine and a stay-at-home order being placed at the beginning of March, there is a surplus of free-time for many students across the nation. With classes being moved to online instruction many students have the opportunity for other activities and hobbies that they may not have had much time for a month ago. 

While most students are working on their load of classes online, it’s important to stay active and continue to have a schedule for their daily lives to keep themselves on track. Although it’s a bit different from the normal hum-drum of college life, there can be many bright sides to staying at home.

I asked a few students at College of the Desert what they’ve been doing to pass the time during this stay-at-home order. 

Hailey Gorden, a psychology major, said she started social distancing a couple of weeks ago when she was laid off. Many people have been left jobless because of the temporary closure of many businesses. “I’ve been watching movies on my bucket list and binge-watching shows on Netflix like Ozark, Narcos, Tiger King and that new show Stranger. Plus little chores and projects around the house, reorganizing my room, things like that. Nothing exciting.” Gorden said now is the best time to work on house projects and cleaning that most may not have had much time for before. It’s also important to help out if students are living with parents or guardians because of the circumstances. It’s a fairly stressful time for parents and guardians as well as students and can be made easier with simple helpful tasks. 

Ahmad Malik, a business major, shared his struggle combating boredom when it comes to being stuck at home, “I’m constantly trying to keep myself entertained, whether it be from studying and learning different types of things I haven’t had time to during school or just for fun.” Malik also shared that the quarantine has given him a lot of free time to pursue his hobbies. “I spend multiple hours watching movies and playing video games that I’ve improved at a lot. It’s both a blessing and a curse, it just depends on how one uses the time.” 

Ariadna Cortes, a theater arts major, said, “I’ve been doing at-home workouts here and there.” She believes it is really important to stay active during this time since gyms are closed and gym-goers are unable to attend their usual workout schedules. “Also, I’ve been watching the shows Supernatural, Naruto, I’ve watched a few movies like All the Bright Places and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” Cortes said with so much free time, students are able to watch shows and movies that they haven’t been able to watch before. “I’ve done my makeup for fun and I do some karaoke now and then.”

Danyal Kazi, a political science major, said that ever since he was forced to stay home, he forced himself to become more serious with making music. “Putting more effort into it than when I’d do it on top of everything else. I’ve been able to make a song every day now since quarantine started,” said Kazi. Being able to have loads of free time really allows students to indulge in their favorite hobbies and put more time into things they love. 

Although times might be trying it’s important to keep a positive outlook and keep in mind that there is still room to grow in other aspects of your skills and interests. Now is the best time to try new things, work on work ethic and somewhat relax in such a stressful unprecedented time.