Fitness motivation during quarantine soars


COD journalism student, Alexandria Rosales working out at her house. Photo courtesy of Alexandria Rosales.

Estefania Moreira, Local Editor

During these difficult times, more than ever, people throughout the country have been taken fitness into a daily regime. In our Coachella Valley more people have been going out for solidarity walks, runs, hikes, and have transitioned from the gym to home workouts.

All gyms closed because of the COVID-19 outbreak and regulations on going out to have become stricter. People who choose to workout outside have to wear masks and make sure you stay six feet apart from others.

But despite the pandemic, some here in the valley and around the world, have found ways to spread positivity and motivation through fitness.

Huntington Beach Fitness trainer and Public Figure Michie Peachie has become a fitness and health inspiration throughout social media. Peachie is well known for her amazing physique, intense workouts, and health tips she shares with her followers on social media.

When COVID-19 hit, Peachie had to find a way to maintain her fitness empire and continue to motivate others. “I’ve had to get very creative and find new ways to work out so I can keep my fitness going and help all my girls keep their fitness going too. Having to get so creative, has been a challenge but it keeps me motivated every day,” said Peachie.

And she has found a way to be creative and stay fit from home. “I have done ridiculous but fun things to help stay fit! For example, I started lifting my couch as it was the heaviest thing I could find in my house, use wine bottles as a substitute for dumbbells because alcohol bottles are heavier than the water bottles that so many were using. I also made Total Resistance exercises (TRX) system out of my bedsheets to hang from my door!”

Peachie shares on her Instagram account on how to create and use everyday home items to exercise.

As a trainer and public figure, she maintains a strong relationship with her followers and tries to spread positivity during these harsh times. “All of my followers following my workouts on Instagram, keep me going. I’ve grown a bond with my followers and they mean the world to me. I feel a responsibility to show them how to do these creative workouts and give them routines that will continue to give them results while keeping them motivated and feeling good. Seeing shared posts, stories, comments and messages from everyone showing me the weight they’ve lost or the booty gains they’ve made because of my workouts, is an incredible feeling. I know what it’s like to not be happy with your body, and I know how good it feels to finally make those changes and blossom.”

Here in the valley, College of the Desert radio station manager Alexandria Rosales has been staying active.

Even before the quarantine, Rosales had a regular gym routine, but now she does all her exercising from home. She has always prioritized working out and staying active.

“I want to encourage people to obviously take precautions when they are out and about by wearing masks, gloves and washing their hands constantly but not to be afraid to go outside for a nice walk, run or jog. It is simple to do a few exercises a day and they don’t have to be intense,” said Rosales.

She also said that there are many other ways to stay fit while being inside, “Do yoga, do some cardio, practice breathing and meditating, anything that can get your mind off the virus. And besides, building your immune system by getting off the couch once in a while will be the best thing for you with avoiding COVID- 19. You’ll thank yourself later.”

Rosales’s favorite workout routine is focused on full body and she does a lot of squats, weight lifting, planks, donkey kicks and even a 3-mile jog. “I’ve done it with my family and it was the most freeing and amazing thing to do!”

COD Theater student Laura Martinez has recently begun her fitness routines. Martinez believes these are times where one needs to stay active and this is the optimal time to do so.

“What’s been keeping me motivated during the quarantine is that as an actor, I have both an image and my personal health to uphold. I have plans for the future that will require me to not only look good but I need to be in good enough shape to dance and sing without overworking my body,” said Martinez.

Martinez is working on her goals and  using her time at home to shape her body in the right direction. She said, “With all of this downtime it is easier to develop the good habit of exercising regularly, we’ve been in quarantine for over 4 weeks and a habit takes 29 days to create, and right now exercising can help not only promote physical health but mental health as well. During this frightening time, it is best to stay active to boost the immune system and to turn your energy from focusing on fear into focusing on your well-being.”

Starting a fitness routine can be challenging at first but the results are worth it. But Martinez has seen change and progress, “I’ve only been strictly working out and making major diet changes for about 2 weeks now. I have noticed my stamina building up and I’ve been better at lasting longer during my reps, as well as physical and mental results! It feels good to work out, I feel in control and my waist has also gotten smaller! I notice myself being less bloated and less tired throughout the day.”

For Christian Colin, who is the lead guitarist of GiselleWoo & the Nightowls, music and art have always been number one.

Colin has been staying active by going hiking and running in his community. “It’s so important to get some time outside. I’ve been hitting the unpopular trails where it isn’t too crowded.”

Where he lives there haven’t been many restrictions because it’s a private gated community but the young guitarist is careful either way.

For anyone struggling to get back in shape or trying to keep a daily fit routine at home, a good option could be to watch workout videos online like the ones  Peachie posted on her Instagram.

“My advice to College of the Desert students and everyone is to get creative and to stay motivated. See it as a fun new challenge and share it with a friend. You need a quarantine fit buddy, this is your friend that you keep tabs with and plan the same workouts together. You’re going to do a routine together every day (Facetime or zoom). You’ll keep each other accountable. Scroll through IG or youtube or TikTok for inspiration and ideas,” said Peachie.

Exercise is a great way to spend your time during quarantine and keep yourself motivate and with a positive attitude.

“Remember that working out releases serotonin in the body which helps fight depression, it’s a natural anti-depressant! And right now so many people are struggling with feeling down during this time is where you’ve been less active and may feel more lonely than usual. Listen to my advice! Your body and your buddy will thank you and will be overall a little happier,” said Peachie.

For quarantine workouts you can follow trainer Michie Peachie at Instagram: