‘The Last Dance’ set to be a big hit this summer


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Chicago Bulls’ Michael Jordan holds the NBA Championship trophy after the Bulls beat the Seattle SuperSonics 87-75 Sunday, June 16, 1996, in Chicago to win their fourth NBA Championship.

Julio Camacho, Sports Editor

For anyone who is curious about Michael Jordan’s basketball career and the Chicago Bull’s organization as a whole, “The Last Dance” is a series for you. It debuted on April 19 and it has become an instant hit.

The show consists of multiple highlights from Jordan’s college and professional career and his contributions to the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Bulls, while also covering his teammates’ progression. With the episodes coming out every Sunday, each one reveals more information about Jordan’s life.

As the episodes take a deep dive into Jordan and his career, they unveil more of how Jordan had almost complete control of the Bull’s team during his run with them and even a bit on his short retirement that led to his stint with the Chicago White Sox’s AA team.

Jordan had accomplished a lot in four years in his NBA career, but to him, it was not enough.

The show has interviews with basketball superstars of the late 80s and early 90s, where they speak on themselves as players and past games that were controversial. Players like Isaiah Thomas and the late Kobe Bryant speaking on how they felt playing against Jordan or playing with him and how they viewed his legacy.

Most players and coaches reveal that they made specific plays and routes to counteract Jordan due to his obvious dominance in the league.

The show is very informative about how Jordan operated in and out of the court, displaying how he knew he had the talent to dominate the league and how the other players definitely knew it too.

The series also touches on the end of the 1990-1991 season, when Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin achieved their first championship ring together, showing everyone how dominant they can be.

In this show, one can experience all of  Jordan’s accomplishments and how he felt at the moment. The viewer gets to see the struggles and changes he made during his career. Everything, from jumping ship to the MLB, his comeback to the NBA, to his way of playing and other athletes he competed with.

We also get to see him teaming up with Dennis Rodman and achieved success right away. Together, they got the second three-peat for their team, something no other team has accomplished in the NBA.

“The Last Dance” last two episodes will air on ESPN Sunday, May 17. If you missed the previous episode you can still watch them by going to the ESPN website and signing in with your TV provider.

The show covers a lot, from behind the scene footage of games and series to just outside perspectives. If you are an NBA fan or simply just a fan of Michael Jordan, this show is a must-watch.