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Tips to help get through finals week

May 24, 2021

Finals are around the corner, and studying is a number one priority. No need to stress. Follow some of these study habits to help ace your finals.


Organization is the key to problem-solving. It’s very important to know where everything is. Make sure to take your notes neatly and clearly to your understanding. This will help you, so you do not stress more than you have to.

According to an article, a few tips to help with organization are “Getting a college planner or a wall calendar. This will help with double-checking exams dates and due dates for class.”

However, if paper does not work for you, go digital. Use your notes app or reminder so you can stay on top of what needs to be done for the day.


Planning falls along the same lines of organizing. It is important to plan out your study days, so you don’t get too overwhelmed. According to an article, “you should study a little bit every day throughout your week, so you don’t wind up cramming and stressing out right before the big exam.”

Planning will also help with your stress levels as well. Although it is important to study for your exams, your mental health must always be your top priority. “Scheduling things can help thwart stress before it happens through a cognitive process called ‘proactive coping.’ “it has behavioral components and thinking components,” says Neupert in a BBC article.

Planning doesn’t just apply to your studies. You can use it for your everyday life as well, but always work at your own pace and don’t overwork yourself.


Another helpful tip is resting. A good night of rest can help boost your mood for the next day, help your immune system, increased productivity, and helps improve memory.

According to studies, as you are sleeping, your body is resting from the long day you just had. Although your body is sleeping, your mind is going through everything that happened that day. So if you studied earlier that day, your mind would go over that, and it will be fresh in your mind the next day.

Move Around

Surprisingly enough, movement can also help improve your study habit by helping you stay focus on what you are working on. For example, if you have ever tried to study in your room or a library, you might find yourself distracted by other things and lose interest in the task at hand.

According to studies here are a few reasons, movement during study time is helpful:

  • Standing while learning improves executive functioning. Which is a tool we use to help analyze and break down tasks, to keep in our mind until we need to use them
  • It helps improve verbal memory, thinking, and learning
  • Boosts ability to remember, recall and understand new vocabulary

These are a few tips to help get you on the right track to study for your finals. Always go at your own pace, and if you ever need help, ask someone. Maybe Join a study group, so everyone has someone to look out for.

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