MAC presents, Visions: A Gathering of Elders


The Chaparral

Piece by Meridy Volz, Incarcerated Girls.

Johnny Maldonado, Staff Reporter

The Marks Arts Center is currently open for its latest spring exhibition, Visions: A Gathering of Elder, which will be on display until March 26.

With both local and out of the valley artist currently exhibiting their work at the gallery. Attendees will be able to see paintings, drawings, sculptures, digital imaging and other forms of art.

Turn out for a spot on the exhibition was better than expected, with over a hundred contestants entering and only less than half being chosen.

The exhibition was not only open for locals but, also for artists around the valley area, such as Los Angeles.

David Goetz, the interim faculty director for MAC said the jury panel had a tough time choosing due to the fact there were many great pieces and only limited space inside the gallery.

“We were lucky to choose from a big number of art and what you see here are some of the best pieces,” said Goetz.

Marks Art Center, which was first opened in 2003, has had open calls with no age restriction for artists to come and show off their work. In October 2019 they had StoneWall 50: Half a century of LGBTQ Activism, which was open to LGBQT artists and presented pieces honoring the activism that took place during the 1969 riots at the Stonewall Inn in a neighborhood in Manhattan, N.Y.

The current exhibition has gathered artists who are 55 years and older. Goetz wanted to help the artists get a chance to show off their creativity to the public and make it a special event.

“The Coachella Valley is a retired community with lots and lots of seniors, and we just haven’t given them a voice. I wanted to invite these artists who happen to be seniors and share their visions,” said Goetz.

Goetz wants to build up and enlarge the gallery’s vision. There are plans to have a show that expresses Hispanic culture. Goetz believes they have not focused on that community in the past and since there is a large Hispanic population at COD it will a great opportunity to exhibit the art and artists who are part of the culture.

There are also plans to celebrate Black History Month the following spring.

“We’re trying to expand our vision and give voices to underrepresented communities,” said Goetz.

The gallery will be hosting a reception on March 10 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. with live entertainment and free admission to the public.

Marks Art Center is open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For more information visit or the Marks Art Center Instagram page @marksartcenter.