Pros and cons of online learning


Photo courtesy of College of the Desert.

Amidst of the outbreak of the coronavirus and the official stay at home order in California that has been implemented, students and teachers across the nation have transitioned to online instruction. 

At first, it was unclear whether quarantine would be ordered but as of right now the school will not be back in physical instruction until April 30, 2020.

There are many different thoughts on the transition especially among college students across the country. 

Here at College of the Desert some, but not all teachers have been able to switch to live chat lectures and continue to find the best way to transition all classes online. 

Meanwhile, COD students are finding the pros and cons of the situation. 

First-year psychology major Kalin Olsen said, “I think College of the Desert moving online is good because it gives students more free time,” she continued, “However, I think moving online could be bad for people who need to learn in person.”

Many students from all over the valley have to travel to work, school and home throughout the week some students may be happy to know they do not have to go long distances at the moment. 

Leslie Munoz, a second-year sociology major, said, “A pro would be that it helps people like me save money on gas since I would drive from Indio to Palm Desert two times a day four days out of the week.”

But there are also negative effects on this transition.

“A con would be that the switch online classes have been kind of challenging for me since I’m a visual learner, I comprehend material better when it’s explained and I’m not just reading it from a screen. Online classes require self-discipline and they’re not for everyone,” said Munoz. 

Considering students across the nation may face the same struggle, this has put a halt on many students’ development of skills and could potentially reduce the class education that most students do need. 

With changes being implemented constantly due to stay at home orders, it could be difficult or easier for students during this time to do school work.

COD campuses will be closed until April 30, 2020.