Dodgers and Lakers both West Coast champions


Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

For the first time in thirty-two years, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Lakers are both world champions in their respective sports.

Both winning their series in six games, the Lakers defeating the Miami Heat 106-93 and the Dodgers offense scoring 3 runs and holding the Tampa Bay Rays to 1 run in their route to winning the World Series.

The city of Los Angeles was already hosting multiple small, citizen-ran parades when the Lakers won since it was dedicated to the late Kobe Bryant, who passed away earlier this year along with his young daughter Gianna.

During their season, a lot of fans were already storming through Los Angeles to celebrate. Once the score was final, the city erupted in celebration with fans that have not witnessed a Dodger championship in the last 30 years.

Simultaneously, fans of both organizations have experienced something that has been weighing on them due to the history of the Dodgers’ and Lakers’ postseason history in the last decade.

With the bubble situation being handled and with little to no players contracting the virus, this marks the first time two major sports organizations from the same city take the championship during a worldwide pandemic.

If you are an NBA fan, you were aware the Lakers were counted to make it this far into the postseason. Until the pandemic became worldwide, people really started to believe this might be the Lakers’ year to take it all since 2010.

Once everything abruptly shut down, fans quickly realized LeBron James and the rest of the Lakers were going to get robbed of a championship. There was almost a social media wave of fans tweeting and posting they were never going to see this team fulfill their destiny, which ultimately they did.

The organizations are proceeding to approach this upcoming season the way they quickly handled these last two victorious seasons with only allowing almost half of the games of a usual season to be played and in a closed-off area.

Lowering the risk of possible contractions of the virus while allowing the nation to continues its professional sports may be nice to hear, but is it worth it?

Players from both leagues have finally seen championships they have truly deserved throughout the years of playing for the organizations, most notably in the Major League Baseball realm, Los Angeles Dodger Ace, Clayton Kershaw.

Kershaw has been known for the better part of a decade as a “post-season choker” due to his postseason statistics. Although his numbers are bad on paper, 4.23 ERA in the post compared to his 2.4 ERA during the regular season, he finally fulfilled his legacy and achieved what every Dodger fan has wanted to see from him for the last decade: a world championship.

As for the latter, the most notable for winning a ring for the Lakers is undeniable, Anthony Davis. Davis, who was traded to the Lakers from the Pelicans for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Josh Hart and a few first-round picks, finally got what most NBA fans felt he deserved.

The 6’10 Power Forward dominated the short season with LeBron James and their teammates, being called Defensive Player of the Year early on in the season by most fans.

Such a feat as acquiring the World Championship in an already challenging league has to have a relieving and satisfactory feeling but does it count?

The argument has been held these championships do not count. Having the NBA ring referred to as a ‘Mickey Mouse’ ring because of it being held at Disney World in Orlando, Fla., with a different playoff system, some MLB fans also believe that this ring doesn’t count. This is referring to it as a waste due to the shortened season and different World Series qualifications.

Fans from both the winning teams and the losing teams feel this way. They believe if a full season were played with the regular structure of how the games are held, neither team would have gone all the way like how they did with the circumstances they had to play in recently.

Regardless of what the audience and fans of the organizations believe, both franchises in neighboring cities brought home their championship. A victory 30 years in the making and that should be celebrated as such.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers do not plan on letting up either. As viewers, we can only see if they can bring back to back chips in the upcoming season.