Students can still enroll in late start classes for Spring 2021

There is still time for students to enroll in late-start courses. Registration is still open, and courses will begin in March and April and run through May.


Photo courtesy of Leo Patrizi/Getty Images. Student studying for an exam using video conference.

Students still have the option to enroll in a variety of late-start courses for Spring 2021. These include automotive technology, building inspection technology, child development & education, kinesiology, culinary arts, English, mass communication, psychology, film, radio and television, journalism and more.

College of the Desert’s website offers a step-by-step guide for new and existing students to follow for easy registration for students interested in enrolling.

Courses starting later in the semester allow students to get a quality education at a convenient pace and schedule. 

Photo courtesy of Lisa Capozzi. Capozzi, a journalism instructor will teach a new course offered J007 Intro. to Photojournalism starting April 6 via Zoom.

Lisa Capozzi, a journalism instructor will begin teaching a new photojournalism course on April 6, she says that she’s looking forward to instructing this new course and hopes that the 8-week time frame motivates students to engage more. 

“I want all of my students to be enriched by the online experience, not to worry so much about the letter grade,” said Capozzi.

Students can be assured that though these courses are accelerated, instructors understand the specific circumstances of their students and work hard to make sure that these courses are as inclusive as possible.

However, there is no way for an instructor to know what a student’s needs are unless students communicate with them. Since courses are still virtual, some obstacles, such as technology, the students might not have access and job requirements, are things instructors should be aware of to avoid misunderstandings.

“Virtual classes are not for everyone,” said Ronald J. De Genova, and film instructor. “I make sure to keep students on track with deadlines and offer private one-on-one Zoom meetings with students who may need some direct instructor help.”

For students like Jonathan Cardenas, who works multiple jobs and hopes to make this his last semester at the College, late-start courses are extremely beneficial. He sees it as an opportunity to continue with his courses without the added stress and pressure of being enrolled in a full semester. 

“I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find courses that would fit my schedule,” said Cardenas. “It was really with the help of the counselors that I was able to register for the courses I needed to finish up the semester without getting in the way of my work schedule.”

Cardenas added, “The courses will go by quickly, but my goal is to finish the semester without any problems.” 

Students can visit the COD’s List of Courses for specific information regarding their desired late start classes. 

Course options range from general education, transfer and career technical education. Students will also have the option to enroll in synchronous, asynchronous, combo or hybrid format courses.

For more information regarding these courses and registration, students can contact Admissions and Records through [email protected] or call Admissions and Records at 760-773-2516. For information regarding financial aid, students can contact the Financial Aid Office at [email protected] or call 760-773-2532.