Opinion: Hang in there, follow your passion

Photo courtesy of AP Images


Photo courtesy of AP Images

Hi there my fellow Roadrunners. Anyone going through an up and down time right now? Have you thought about calling it a day on this semester and yes, maybe even quitting? Are you starting to miss your online classes and assignments?

I’m exactly where you are. Can I share a secret with you? I made up my mind to withdraw from this semester and call it an FGE…short for… “F”…you know what that means, followed by “Growth Experience.” Right now, heavy on the “F” and even heavier on the “E”…experience.  The “G”…growth, comes after this nightmare is over.

I’ve quietly been readying myself for this moment and the peace that comes with knowing I simply can’t do this anymore.  I’m tired. I’m behind. I’m scared. There are many days my brain fog gets the “A” and not my work.

I practiced my speech to my faculty advisor on why I thought it was time to withdraw. I would finish one last assignment and then call it a term.  You see, I’m a third-semester film student and I write film reviews. Movies are virtually non-existent these days. For reasons I still don’t understand, I’ve resisted going to Netflix and using that streaming platform as my source. To be honest…right now it’s just not in me.

My swan song to the semester was the last article I was writing titled, “Why movies matter more than ever.” I arranged a call with my favorite movie critic, our very own beloved Manny the Movie Guy, from NBC Palm Springs. We talked through the questions I had for him. He then asked me what I was planning on doing. I fibbed and told him I was on the bubble about hanging in there or withdrawing.

You know what Mannie said in his joyful, jubilant way? He said, “Gail, it’s okay if you quit on your profession. We all do. But never, ever quit on your passion!” Dang! There it was….the ultimate provocation. What’s a girl supposed to do when that kind of challenge is tossed at you?

Why STAY AND FINISH of course. I’m at COD because of my passion first and my profession second. I’m a wannabe filmmaker and it’s my sincere desire to make shorts that matter. After the call I chatted with my professors to see if completing was realistic.  If you have any doubts about what you’re going to do….don’t make a decision until you talk with our fabulous roster of the best profs ever.

Because of them, for the first time since March 13, I have clarity about how I am going to finish this “FGE” semester.

Can I share another insider thought about if you are struggling and thinking about withdrawing? DON’T! If you’re following your passion, then please stay in the game. Don’t give up on your passion. It’s what feeds us, grows us, expands us. BUT, if you’re here because of profession, then I urge you to think through your options carefully. Most often our passion is our profession…SO please hang in there! Stay the course…steady does it…you get what I mean.

MY CHALLENGE!!! I’m a filmmaker in the making. This is an interactive forum. We all know how to do selfie videos. I hope to make a short film about us as Roadrunners and how we used our passion to weather this storm.  Will you help me?

How about posting a short video, no longer than 30 seconds in the comment section below about what YOUR COD passion is, and why it’s important to hang in there with your usual flare and creativity. Will you play with me on this? I will post short clips on a regular basis to share what we are all experiencing and thinking together. Remember we are all alone together and together through this wonderful medium of digital media, we will prevail.

Ok, my fellow Roadrunners, let’s start a brand-new wave of positivity.

Bless you all and remember kindness and goodness will lead the way.