Know the issues, understand the candidates and vote


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The 2020 presidential election is a little more than a month away. On Nov. 3, Americans will vote on who will be the next President of the United States. Will it be the republican nominee President Donald Trump or the democratic nominee and former vice president Joe Biden.

All U.S. citizens need to vote as their votes will decide who will lead the country for the next four years. However, all U.S. citizens must know who to vote for and why. Everyone needs to know the policies the two nominees want to impose, so they select the right person for the job.

About republican nominee President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has made many promises during his 2016 campaign, and he has kept some, most famously, constructing a wall on the US-Mexico border (which has secured funding for 445 miles of the 722-mile barrier).

As for 2020, Donald Trump has laid down on what he’ll bring to the United States if re-elected for his second term, as gathered from his official campaign website.

COVID-19 seems to be the number one national threat to the U.S. Some states are still imposing interim laws for people to follow and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Trump has said that he will make sure a cure is developed by the end of 2020 and that in 2021, life should return to normal. 

The President also claims that he will make sure the U.S. refill stockpiles that will help future pandemics. Trump wants to give jobs to U.S. Citizens by creating 10 million new jobs in 10 months and one million new small businesses. Trump also wants to cut taxes to boost take-home pay, impose “Made in America” tax credits, make sure jobs are kept in America and to protect those jobs with fair trade deals.

Trump was also vocal on China, and his stance across the U.S. is that he wants to end the United States’ reliance on China. The President promising to bring back one million manufacturing jobs from China and reward companies who pull out from China with numerous opportunities such as tax credits and expensing deduction up to 100%. When it comes to COVID-19; however, The President wants to hold China fully accountable for allowing the virus to spread worldwide.

Trump has been a big supporter of law enforcement and has plans to aid the police and impose harsher penalties on those who break the law. His campaign says it will fully fund and hire more law enforcement officers, and the penalties for assaulting an officer will be increased. 

Trump’s campaign also states that it would prosecute those who partake in drive-by shootings as domestic terrorism acts, bring violent extremist groups to justice, and end cashless bail with dangerous criminals being locked up until trial. For more information about the Trump campaign, visit

About democratic nominee Joe Biden

As found on the official campaign site, for democratic nominee Joe Biden, Biden has his policies he wishes to accomplish if elected on Nov. 3.

Going back to COVID-19, Biden’s campaign wants to make sure testing across the U.S. is accessible most efficiently and safely possible while also making it free for those who urgently need it. Biden also wants to restore the U.S.’s relationship with the World Health Organization to help coordinate a global response for obtaining a vaccine for COVID-19. 

Biden wants to give health workers available, unused, and sanitized supplies to aid them with a replenishable stock for those who are out combating the virus. And to give health workers a boost in pay for their efforts with an emergency leave plan in case they, or a loved one, is infected, amongst other things for both health workers and the regular populace.

In terms of immigration, Biden seeks to better the system from every angle he can find. He wants to stop the separation of families and provide better overall conditions for those at the border, either waiting to be accepted into a shelter or trying to run from violent conditions.

For Dreamers, Biden wants to reinstate the DACA program and also provide Dreamers with ways to help improve their quality of life in the United States. But most of all, the democratic nominee wants to welcome all immigrants into our communities and make them feel safe, have a way to navigate through life both in the workforce and in academics, and be aided into settling into the life of a U.S. citizen.

For women, if elected, Biden’s goals are to make women’s issues part of the forefront of policy efforts. This means Biden will make women have equal pay, invest in women-owned small businesses, and help navigate women between work and families. For women in schools and professional work environments, Biden will help empower women, stomp out harassment and discrimination; build organized unions, and create a better life for women who wish to further. Biden will make sure women worldwide are protected, empowered, and stand equally next to a man.

Biden’s stance on students is clear to him: They are the future and must be given the best opportunities to allow them to continue to evolve humanity. To do this, Biden wants to ensure that students are not suffering from climate change, and Biden will ensure that the United States has a 100% clean energy economy and reaches net-zero emissions by 2050.

Biden wants to make the education of students as fair as possible and grant them access to a reliable pathway to a middle-class lifestyle by making anyone who has a family income lower than $125,000 free to attend public four-year colleges and universities with additional benefits towards financial aid, loan and loan forgiveness, and more.

Biden will make sure schools are safe both inside and out. Bullying is an issue Biden will look to the curb and stopping school shootings or any gun-related activity on school campuses once and for all. Biden’s plans for gun violence being stopped permanently revolve around holding those who provide them accountable, require intensive background checks on anyone who buys them, end the online sale of firearms and ammunition, and ban assault weapons high-capacity magazines and buying them back from those who already own them.

Both President Donald Trump and Joe Biden differ in what direction they believe is best for the United States of America. Both believe that their way is best for this nation and its people, but for the world since the United States affects the world in various ways.

One needs to do their research on all candidates before casting their choice to make sure they know the person they are voting for and who they believe is best suited for this nation’s presidency.

Remember, as long as you are a U.S. Citizen. You have the right to vote no matter who you are. Voting is one of the essential attributes of being a United States citizen, and it is equally as crucial for the people to utilize it.

If you haven’t registered to vote, the deadline ends Oct. 19 for online and by mail postmarked, and on election day in person. Absentee ballot deadlines are on Oct. 27 for request, postmarked return by mail, and return in person both end on Nov. 3 with the latter ending by 8:00 pm. Early voting ends between Oct. 5 – Nov. 2, depending on where you live.

Election day takes place on Nov. 3, so remember to go out and vote!