Beeps Cafe re-opens for on-campus dining and take out


Marcela Carrillo

Photo courtesy of The Chaparral/Marcela Carrillo. The entrance of Beeps Cafe on the Palm Desert campus.

Beeps Café re-opened for the fall semester on Sept. 13 after shutting down in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and staff can now enjoy meals from Beeps Café Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. However, restrictions and rules are applied upon dining and ordering at Beeps.

Beeps Café opened 18 months ago at College of the Desert with a mission. It is operated by Pacific Dining with a mission to provide exceptional culinary experiences and outstanding services to our growing list of diverse clients.

Manny Gonzales, the manager of Beeps Café, spoke on how COVID-19 affected Beeps, how they adjusted amid re-opening and how appreciative they are to be back in business. “COVID-19 has impacted all our lives, both personal and professional. We are thankful that our team and their families have persevered,” he said. “We are grateful and excited to be back to work and provide services to the students, faculty, staff, and visitors of College of the Desert.”

“Pacific Dining’s goal remains the same – to provide exceptional food services to our guests.

— Manuel Gonzales

Due to Beeps Café being relatively new at COD, COVID-19 had a significant impact on the food industry; however, as the community gathered around one another, Beeps survived. “The foodservice industry was hit especially hard, and Pacific Dining was no exception,” said Gonzales. “We are fortunate that the decisions we have made since March 2020 have allowed us to remain financially stable and in a position to re-open.”

Safety protocols at Beeps Café have been implemented since returning on campus. “We have developed protocols for our team and guests in accordance with best practices such as the environmental health guidelines and the college to provide safe dining and catering services to our guests,” said Gonzales.

Students, staff and guests who are interested in dining at Beeps must adhere to the rules. Dining inside Beeps is now limited and will hold a 50 percent capacity. Individuals can not move chairs or tables once inside due to social distancing. Face masks shall be worn inside if not actively eating, and not only should one abide by Beeps’ regulations, but they must also abide by COD’s COVID-19 safety requirements.

Located in the dining hall of the Student Life building on the Palm Desert campus, Beeps Café encourages students and staff to order online via the contactless ordering system. “New to Beeps is our proprietary online ordering app, ‘Provisions,’ which allows guests to preorder food and touchless food delivery,” said Gonzales. “Check it out at Pacific Dining.”

Photo Courtesy of College of the Desert. Contactless ordering QR code for Beeps Café.

Students and staff can scan the QR code with their cellphone camera and be redirected to Pacific Dining, where they can order their food efficiently and safely. “Beeps is unique in its mission – devoted solely to serving the campus community,” Gonzales added.

Beeps Cafe offers both breakfast and lunch options, offering a variety of meals to students and staff to enjoy. Beeps also has a catering service located in Pacific Dining, where individuals can email to place a catering order for any festivities, meetings and feasts.

Cindy Vargas, 19, a student at College of the Desert and recently visited Beeps Café, enjoys the new contactless ordering offered this semester. “It was a quick and practical process due to the circumstances we are in at the moment,” she said. “It is nice to know that we can return to campus and savor a good meal while being safe.”

Vargas also mentioned how beneficial it is for a student to be able to order ahead of time. “This new system complements the life of a student,” she said. “If you’re in a rush in the morning and missed breakfast, then you can send an order to Beeps and pick it up once you arrive at campus,” Vargas added. “It is useful and not time-consuming; I’d recommend other students to try it out.”

For more information, visit Pacific Dining. For any questions, comments or concerns, email Manny Gonzales at [email protected].