“You” puts a horror twist on the classic rom-com love



Photo courtesy of AP Images. The cast of “You” all gathered for an audience Q and A.

In a society where women live with the fear of becoming one man’s prey, Lifetime’s new rom-com horror, “You,” gives the audience the classic boy meets girl love story however, the boy is actually a deranged stalker. The show, told solely from the perpetrator’s perspective, provides a different insider perspective into a situation that so many women fear they may end up in.

“Today, people connect a lot through social media, but the information you give is personal and shouldn’t be given away so freely. Its dangerous,” said Brooke Topliff. Not even into the first title sequence the show already gives you a warning into the dangers that social media provides. So much so, that one can only wonder if it is self-inflicting considering how much information we give to literally anyone by just having our accounts on “public.” Within minutes, Joe, the stalker antagonist, played by former “Gossip Girl” actor Penn Badgley, is able to find out his target’s entire schedule, work routine, home address and so much more all by the visibility of her photos.  As the viewer, JoMarie Viloria, COD student, learned “to be more aware of surroundings and not to be so open to what I post.”

“You” takes a unique spin on the typical rom-com love story. In the midst of murders and madness the show, at times, somehow manages to push you to actually be rooting for the couple to get together finally. That is until you remember that one of the characters is clinically insane. Joe regularly walks the fine line between the boy next door and complete psychopath.

The entire season is told from Joe’s perspective. As the audience, we’re stuck in Joe’s head, given the opportunity to see inside his mind and his thought process. Joe is so dead-set on fulfilling his lifelong fantasy of living out some rom-com movie love story that he has built up in his head. Within all of the romance, you see the delusion and his insanity. We are forced to continually question everything we have built up about their relationship and all things grandiose about it.

In short: It isn’t about all of the justifications we could come up with for Joe’s actions. What matters and should be most prominent are his actions, which include murder, stalking, sexual assault, being aggressive and abusively manipulating. These are all very real actions that could very easily happen to just about anyone.







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