Local director Christian Sesma debuts new movie ‘Lights Out’

Local director Christian Sesma debuts new movie Lights Out

A local Palm Springs director, Christian Sesma, hosted a private screening of his latest movie, “Lights Out,” at the MaryPickford Theatre in Cathedral City.

The theater was filled with attendees of friends and family on Feb. 16, excited to see the cast and crew on the red carpet.

“Lights Out” is an action-packed thriller starring Frank Grillo, Mekhi Phifer, Jaime King, Dermot Mulroney, Paul Sloan, Scott Adkins, Erica Peeples and Jailyn Rae.

Frank Grillo, as Duffy, plays a homeless ex-solider who, along the way, meets ex-con Max, played by Mekhi Phifer. Max convinces Duffy to compete in underground fight clubs to win some money in his pocket. Max finds himself in trouble as he owes money to a crime boss, played by Dermot Mulroney. The pair travels to Los Angeles and is faced by corrupt law enforcement.

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I had the privilege of attending and talking to the incredible cast and crew at the movie screening.

Paul Sloan (Actor)

Aramis: Hi Paul, Can you please describe the character you played in the film?

Paul Sloan: “I play a dirty cop, and he’s a little panicked because of the dangerous spot he put in his career. He gets drawn into this underground fighting organization with his partner. Throughout the film, It gets very dark and serious.”

Aramis: How are you feeling about tonight’s event and seeing the final project on the big screen?

Paul Sloan: “It is always exciting to see the film play on the big screen. I’m happy for the filmmakers and the director Christian Sesma to see the movie become a big success.”

Erica Peeples (Actress)

Aramis: Hi Erica, What was the character you played in the film?

Erica Peeples: “I played the sister to Mekhi Phifer and a mother to a beautiful little girl. I’m trying to get my and my brother’s life on the right path. For some reason, I get pulled back into the chaos by a crazy ex-boyfriend. Frank Grillo’s character comes along and might or might not save the day.”

Aramis:  What was your favorite scene to film without giving too much information?

Erica Peeples: ” The moment I have with my daughter and I found out that she’s sad about something. ” We had a daughter and mother moment”.

Jailyn Rae (Actress)

Aramis: Hi, Jailyn. Can you please describe the character you played in the film?

Jailyn Rae: “I’m the niece of Mekhi Phifer’s character.”I played Hannah Bomer, a 17-year-old girl caught in the middle of the crossfire in this action-packed movie.

Aramis: What was your favorite part about making the movie?

Jailyn Rae: “The behind-the-scenes moments. I had a very great relationship with the cast. We had fun together dancing, listening to music, and making each other laugh between takes on set.”

Havana Push (Artist)

Aramis: We heard you produce music for the Lights Out Soundtrack. What are your plans as an artist and upcoming actor?

Havana Push: “We’ve got a lot of stuff coming out with music for Christian’s upcoming movies. I’m definitely breaking into acting right now, and you will see me in the next films on the big screen.”

Christian Sesma ( Director)

Aramis: Being a local, how does it feel to come back and shoot at these locations for your film? 

Christian: “It’s awesome because I’ve built relationships with networks, talent, and businesses. It’s great always to come back and give to the community.”

Aramis: We’ve got an incredible cast. What was it like working with them to develop their characters?

Christian: “It was fun to develop characters with the talent. Every time we do, it elevates the picture.”

Aramis: My last question is, Was there a scene cut from the final version that you wish could have stayed, and why?

Christian: ” There were a few shots that inform the character of Jaime King. The shot was when she ended a phone call with the cartel and her little kid and husband came out to hug her. The scene says that she’s another person with a family.”

This is an action-packed movie that you won’t wanna miss. Thank you to the Lights Outcast and Christian Sesma for answering some questions with us.

Lights Out is available on demand, digital platforms, and in select theaters.


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