Women’s basketball finishes season on a hopeful note



Photo courtesy of Micheal Leone. Coach Brown setting a plan for the team, to ensure victory.

On Jan. 25, the women’s basketball team won their first game against the San Bernardino Valley Wolverines (51-36) after coming off of 17 losses. They achieved their victory at home by managing to dominate in almost every offensive category. The field goal average of the game was 21-70. In breaking up a losing streak, the team is currently 1-17 in the season.

The Roadrunners have been in action for three months and only have until Feb. 22. for their season. This year was head coach, Dr. Timi Brown’s first year coaching the team. “At the end of the day, it should happen to redefine success and should only look at the things that should be important in a community college program,” said Brown.

With only five games left in the season. Brown plans on ensuring her team is able to finish on a high note considering most of her players are sophomores.

“I want them to work hard and try to improve with each practice,” said Brown. The players will need to remain positive for their next few games against Southwestern on Feb 6, Palomar Feb 8, MiraCosta Feb 13, San Bernadino Valley Feb 15 and Mt. San Jacinto Feb 22.

The team itself can only do so much such as try to boost the morale of each other.

Brown and assistant coaches, Emily Underwood and Kendyl Rizea aim to embed positivity on the court by trying to encourage their team by telling the players what they need to hear such as the coaches trying to remain positive, and telling the players defense starts at the offense, and you gotta put the work in to get any type of results.

When attending a game or practice, it is clear that Underwood and Rizea try to encourage their players by hyping them up during games and practices. 

As with any coach, their goal is to build self-confidence and maximize leadership presence. Rizea mentioned, “We are not quite where we need to be.”

Brown’s intent for the team is slowly making way. She wants to ensure that her players experience the best before they leave, and in order for her to do that the team will need to have a few more wins.

For the next few games, the roadrunners plan on doing the best they can to try to achieve victory As stated by Brown “It takes the execution of a plan.” The players will need to try their hardest to win the last matches they have left.  The coaches goal for the team is to win the last remaining games as stated by coach Brown, “I just want us to finish off the season on a strong note.”

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