Hacking club teaches computer nuts and bolts

Photo courtesy of the Chaparral. CODIS Labs members begin to piece together a programmable “Jetbot.”



College of the Desert has approximately 30 clubs on campus for students to practice leadership, experience community and serve others through groups and organizations. A newer club to COD is the IT hacking club.

The club’s president Patrick Jacobs and cyber security professor Martin Flores led the first official meeting on Oct. 11. This club is an updated cyber-hacking club that brings the future to the hands of its members.

College of the Desert Information Systems Labs also known as CODIS Labs and formerly CODE, is the perfect place for the IT-practicing student or the curious coder wanting to expand their knowledge on the nuts and bolts of computers.

Automotive hacking, remote control drones and encryption-breaking methods were all topics of discussion among the attendees. The different methods and complicated ethics of using or even practicing with these advanced tools were also debated, but Jacobs assured members would be learning how to positively influence the computer world.

“People pay good money for people like me and you to go in and try to hack their network, find out exploits so that they can fix them,” said Jacobs, “How cool is that? You can always choose to be the good guy and even make a pretty good career out of it.”

Professor Flores said,“Each group is going to be helping each other and building each other up, and learning how to hack all kinds of stuff.”

College of the Desert enrollment is not required, and you can take on as many projects as you like, but members are encouraged to decide on a project or two and focus on working consistently with their team. One project that is in progress will involve taking a “Jetbot” or miniature robot and programming it to run an obstacle course.

With the excitement over future technologies always present it is no surprise the club is expanding and looking for leadership. Growth through teaching is also encouraged in the form of paid tutoring opportunities.
“We are still looking for a vice president, so if you’re looking to get involved at the executive level, there is an opportunity for that as well,” Jacobs said.

“This year, we’re looking to bump up the pay a little bit for our tutors,” Flores said, “We want to encourage our youth to learn the basics coding at a young age and it’s a great opportunity for our members to grow as well.”

For more information on CODIS Labs, including how to join, contact Presdient@CODISLabs.club.

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