Little Bar offers customers a unique experience

Photo courtesy of The Chaparral. A maximum occupancy of 31 people, Little Bar is unique with it’s interior design.



There are many bars in the Coachella Valley, but Little Bar, in Palm Desert, stands out because of its size and appeal. 

Located on Highway 111, Little Bar is small in size, but it has big things to offer once you step foot inside. The welcoming environment and employees are some of the many reasons people enjoy the experience.

Little Bar has only been open a few months, but it is already on the right track for long-term success.

Little Bar owner, Skip Paige, officially opened for business on September 5, 2019. “I found the location first. Randy McWilliams was the previous owner and had operated his café, Randy’s Cafe, here for 32 years. Once I made a deal with Randy, it was just a matter of time to get all of the licensing and permits done. It took about nine months to build.”

Inside, the setting feels relaxing, and a place people can go to socialize with friends. Casual, fun, comfortable and communal is how Paige describes the environment of the bar. “I really wanted a place for all of my friends to hang out at. I didn’t want it to be too big, just big enough to be comfortable.”

One big draw is the decor on the walls. There are tickets from concerts and events covering the walls inside the restaurant and restrooms. “The ticket stubs are all the tickets I had collected as a music fan throughout the years. A friend of mine had the idea to make custom wallpaper out of the tickets,” said Paige. “The ticket stubs in the restroom are similar. Some are the same, but I added some others that I had plus some album covers from albums I think are cool.”

The setting of Little Bar also is another significant point of interest. A lot of bars in the Coachella Valley are big and have loud music that prevents you from engaging in a conversation with friends. In Little Bar, you get a different feeling, something you would not find anywhere else. “It’s small and not corporate. The menu and vibe were all created by me,” said Paige.

Rock, classic rock, alternative rock, and indie are examples of some of the music the bar plays. The employees choose the music at Little Bar, “It depends on the day and time. The bartenders have leeway in setting the tone,” said Paige.

Little Bar offers a variety of food options. Some favorites include the chicken or steak nachos with Cheeto crumbs. This is a great option for an appetizer. The cheeseburger is also a favorite and comes with a special sauce, lettuce, pickles, onions, and is served with a pickle spear. “All items that I have cooked at my house for my friends,” Paige said, “It’s comfort food. Good but not necessarily good for you.” The food options are more than affordable.

The drinks at Little Bar are a mix of what you would expect to see at other bars, including wine, beer and any other typical mix drink of choice. One specialty drink is called Tamarindo Margarita that includes Milagro Silver tequila, passion fruit, tamarind, lime, agave and house-made sumac chile salt.

Whether you settle for wine, beer or a mixed drink, Little Bar has something for everyone.

Little Bar provides a very comforting place. Everything about the bar from its interior design, food, drink and music is pretty cool. “Just making sure that people have a good time, and they have a place they can depend on to make them feel comfortable,” said Paige.

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